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ArtDaily: Metropolitan Museum launches flagship app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

This free digital resource is the easiest way to see what’s happening at the Met every day, wherever you are. The Met app is available on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, and can be downloaded free from the App Store.” Hell yeah ... instadownload. Mostly a wrapper for their website, but still worth it (free).

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Replacement monopod ordered.

Trying out a Manfrotto 680B. Folks seem to like it, other than the handstrap (which isn’t important to me). I’ll re-use the execrable-but-good-enough Canon ballhead, with a Manfrotto QR plate installed.

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365/2: 243. Smoke does nothing for productivity ...

365/2: 243. Pinos fire.

Pinos Fire, over in the Jemez. I’ll say it again, I’m surprised there are two sticks to rub together over there, after Cerro Grande and Las Conchas. But the whole west side is still pristine, really.

Later: Just before sunset, same view. Better shot overall. That’s what I get for ‘not waiting.’

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Canon U.S.A.: Lens Prices. [Price drops, peeps]

Some significant, some not so. I could wish the 100-400 was in there; I’ve rented that more often than almost any other. It’s due for an update, too.

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Archaeology News Network: Marble mosaic floor revealed at Amphipolis tomb.

Ah, the suspense is killin’ me.

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KOB: Pino Fire smoke will be visible across northern NM.

I’ve been smelling smoke-tinge on the wind the past couple of days.  Look outside, the Pino Fire looks to have smeared across our western views. And the smoke smell is getting stronger by the hour.

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Evernote, and tags.

I think the most useful tag I have is “Best Practices”.  When I find coding recommendations, version control tips, etc. etc., it gets the Best Practices tag.  So useful, in retrospect. I wouldn’t mind having star ratings and color coding in addition (like Lightroom). Never can have too many classification UI thingamaboppers.

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Alas, Apple.

I’ve shut down my Photostream and iCloud sync for photos, emptied everything off for the moment. Whether or not it’s “necessary”, better safe than sorry. And no, I have no naked selfies in my streams.

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SciAm: Sunscreen Floods Oceans as Warmer Waters Boost Tourism.

Now here’s something I haven’t ever thought about before ... the millions of gallons of Sea & Ski [et al] that have gotten dissolved in the oceans over the last 50 or so years ...

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Archaeology News Network: Video footage of Amphipolis tomb from the air.

Not on the scale of the pyramids, certainly, but still impressive.

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DesignByHumans: Human Nutrition Facts T Shirt.

Perfect. Needs an option for “gluten free”, methinks.  Don’t want to make any celiac grizzlies ill.

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The Atlantic: The Urban Oil Fields of Los Angeles.

One of the lesser-known details of L.A.  I was quite surprised when I found out about this a couple of decades ago.

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Weezbo: Wooden Volkswagen Beetle.

While on the subject of cars ...

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BarnFinds: 1952 Jensen Interceptor for $750.

In Albuquerque! Wishing for deep pockets and a fully-fitted-out ‘mancave’ ...

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Photogrammar is a web-based platform for organizing, searching, and visualizing the 170,000 photographs from 1935 to 1945 created by the United State’s Farm Security Administration and Office of War Information (FSA-OWI).” Oh, my.  Check out Santa Fe - some looks remarkably the same, but most quite different. We were a dusty little backwater!

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Busy morning, catching up.

Links shortly.

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365/2: 242. My Labor Day ...

365/2: 242. My Labor Day ...

The old juniper is gone, gone, gone. And that was all by handsaw. I’ll never understand why folks spend $ on a chainsaw *and* a gym membership … (wink) …

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The Dish: A Founder Left Behind By The Left.

Oh, poo. Get some cojones. No compromise: Burr. [Proud Princetonian.]

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365/2: 241. Seen on Canyon Road ... a ‘51 Ford pickup.

365/2: 241.  '51 Ford.

And ... during my day, the Canon cheapo monopod I bought last year decided to implode. I was pulling it open, and all the sections burst out across Canyon. Anyone watching would have thought it was a Keaton comedy bit. Gotta invest in a better model, obviously.  It served its short-term purpose — I have no complaints.

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365/2: 240. Bark beetle damage in one of my dead junipers.

365/2: 240. Bark beetles killed one of my junipers.

Stunning, the amount of hidden damage in this one section of wood.

I also invested in a new hat, to replace my skanky straw. Picked up one o’ these. Worked a treat out in the sun while sawing up dead wood. I was surprised that the crease suits my face ... I never really liked that style in catalogs.  Sandra approves, so it’s a keeper.

Later: Sorry, I was out all day. Link to hat, fixed.

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Newsweek: Shipwreck of S.S. Central America Yields More Gold.

Yeow. I suppose every teen of my generation dreamed of someday diving for treasure. Captures the imagination, both the history and the haul.

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365/2: 239. Belt buckle from ‘78, Big Bend Nat’l Park days.

365/2: 239.

All the talk yesterday of belts and buckles made me dig this out. From ‘78, when I worked at Big Bend Nat’l Park. Friend and I found the stone, and he tumbled the rock and built the buckle for me. I’ve got another one ... can’t find it at the moment.  It’s hooked to a belt, so it can’t have walked far ...

Later: Note, that was shot under a Cree 60W equivalent LED light. The color balance does not conform to either tungsten or flourescent.  I’m going to have to make a custom profile to deal with ... each brand of LED light ... ? I’d best pull out the color chart again and get to work.

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The Burning of Zozobra at approximately 9PM MST tonight.

You can watch it here. Before the burn ... iffy bands, iffier dancing. You need alcohol to handle it. The burn is a great catharsis.  History here.  Santa Fe did it long before Burning Man.

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Collectors Weekly: Paper Dresses and Psychedelic Catsuits - When Airline Fashion Was Flying High.

I was just a little kid in the ‘60’s, and I still recall eye-popping outfits.

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Schiller Bikes: The X1.  Biking on water. Love it.


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Life/work’s getting in the way of postings.

After 3MST, kids. Until then, tootle along elsewhere.

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MIT Technology Review: Evidence Grows That Online Social Networks Have Insidious Negative Effects.

Eschew the tweet, prioritize the meet.  Interesting comment about moderation in the last paragraphs. Via Karl Martino on FB.

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The Federalist: Feminism or Sexism?

See, this is how the restrictive modern radio/music format and the narrowminded moneymaking music outfits limit young folk to blind consumption. The media’s textual orgasms over these performances are creepy and revisionist.

Helen Reddy’s “I Am Woman” dominated the charts in late ‘72, became the Equal Rights Amendment anthem [The amendment passed both houses of Congress that year, and moved to the State legislatures for approval], and won the Grammy. Her speech, where she thanked God ... “SHE made it possible” ... resonated in culture for years afterwards. Heard it on the radio lately? Nope. Unknown now, among young people. Arguably bigger than Beyonce at the time and with huge impact on the cultural and political landscape.

Beyonce adopts “Feminist” as a marketing tactic, not as an actual philosophy. Pole dancers in the background? This is the old patriarchal “even if they haven’t got power, women run the world through controlling men’s sexual desire” routine, repackaged as something admirable. There were elderly Congressmen spouting this on Capitol Hill, once upon a time, with a whole lot less subtlety. Women of the time threw it back with beautiful invective, followed by “male chauvinist pig!” And a bit of creative oinking.

You’re being played, fans. Post-ERA, pre-AIDS, with birth control pills freely available ... sexual liberation was well-practiced throughout the ‘70’s. Better than today in some ways. This is not something Beyonce has suddenly gifted the world with.

And the whole Sofia Vergara thing is just not funny.

Stars of the past lived feminism, maintained a largely consistent message throughout those tumultuous years - years when it was threatening to a career to do so. Today, it’s all artless performance to a crowd of young people who will seemingly accept anything with special effects accompaniment.

[As an aside, whenever I think of that song, that era, I can’t help but hear Bella Abzug in my head. Walk the walk instead of just talking the talk, Queen Bey, and I’ll listen.]

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365/2: 238. Sliver of Moon, Cerrillos Hills, busted windmill.

365/2: 238. Sliver of moon ...

Coyotes howling. Play some of this, you’ve got the idea.

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A&E cancelled “Longmire”.  Boy, am I p-ssed.

Deleted the A&E app from each of my devices. They’re going to shop it around ... it certainly seems like the former “Arts and Entertainment” channel is more focused on grungy ‘reality’ shows than anything of worth anymore. If noone picks it up, I say KICKSTARTER. 

The camera work, the editing were both stellar this year. Some edgy, very edgy ... they made some daring choices.  Always worth it, IMHO.  Gotta push the envelope.

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CultWestern: Western Wear Without The Douche - Essential Western Belts.

I like basketweaves as dailies. Nice reference to Big Bend Saddlery ... spent a lot of time in Alpine in ‘78.  Great place for real Western gear. Bought my first mulehides and bullhides at Cowtown there ... before “Urban Cowboy” pushed the prices of boots sky-high.  My mules were $25, the bulls $35. Still own the bulls, resoled thrice.

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BoingBoing: Customer fined $250 for complaining, told “You are playing games with the wrong people”.

Read this one. Wow.

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SciAm: Personal Drones - Are They a Public Hazard?

Fluff again. Please show a video of a drone, sans bladeguards yet using higher performance carbon-fiber blades, impacting something the approximate density of human flesh. They’re like high speed paring knives. Even shuriken.

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Twibble.io - A Better RSS feed to Twitter Service.

Hmmm. IFTTT has been rock-solid for me (every fifteen minutes, whatever is new on the blog gets sent to Twitter). This still may be worth a look, for scheduling abilities alone. If anyone decides to use it, a quick overview in the comments would be appreciated.

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PHP 5.6.0 released.

Of note.

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Design You Trust: Moose Comes to Work in Dresden, Germany.

Bullwinkle wanted to know more about Germany’s ‘glass ceiling’, but found glass walls are more problematic ...

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Past Horizons: Roman wooden toilet seat found at Vindolanda.

Now we need to find the toilet that went with it as Roman loos are fascinating places to excavate – their drains often contain astonishing artefacts. Let’s face it, if you drop something down a Roman latrine you are unlikely to attempt to fish it out unless you are pretty brave or foolhardy.”  I have to ask, who’s the poor sod who has to fish it out of the very-well-ripened bog? I mean, look at that photo. Eeee-yuck. I’d wear noseplugs.

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Archaeology News Network: Monarch butterflies plummet 90 percent, need protection.

I’ve not seen one in at least five years.  We used to have a couple dozen sail through and drink at puddles.

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BikeEXIF: The $185,000 Midual Type 1.

Tight as a knuckle sandwich.

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Macworld: Leafnote review - Focus on writing, not on how to use the app.

Smells like Scrivener ‘lite.’

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