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KOAT: Explosive devices detonated at 2 churches.

Worrisome. And another.

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nakedcap: TPP Ministerial Negotiations Fail, with No Date Set for the Next Round.

Readers know I very rarely wave pom-poms… But ‘Yay!’

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Stanford Med: Women’s immune system genes operate differently from men’s.

One of those discoveries is that the genes that switch on and off differently from person to person are more likely to be associated with autoimmune diseases. Another is that women and men use different switches to turn on many immune system genes. It’s too soon to be sure, but that difference in activity might explain the much higher incidence in women of autoimmune diseases such as scleroderma, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

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One America News Network: National Polling Results.

The establishment GOP must be losing their sh-t right now.

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New Republic: National Review’s Bad Conscience.

... William F. Buckley Sr., was an anti-Semite and fascist sympathizer who tried his best to pass along his ideas to his large brood. In 1937, four of the Buckley kids burned a cross outside a Jewish resort. The eleven-year-old William Buckley Jr. didn’t participate in the cross burning but only because he was deemed too young to participate and by his own account ‘wept tears of frustration’ at being left out of the hate crime.” It is, of course, generally agreed that “Nazism” and “Fascism” are far right philosophies. It is nonsense to accuse someone of being Left *and* fascist.

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Hotel California. It still blows my mind ...

That this was released in February of the year I graduated high school. 1977. I still hear it daily on the local radio stations. Thirty. Eight. Friggin. Years. Ago.

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Giving Postbox another go (Mac app).

I’ve been expanding into other email addresses, and Gmail is just too damned slow for modern email work, no matter how good their spam filtering is. Outlook.com is better these days (speed-wise). I purchased a Fastmail account back a while ago - very quick - I may restrict it to business-only work. I’ll let y’all know how I get on with Postbox. It’s a nice catch-all, that can save stuff to Evernote with a click.

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Vox: Most Americans think miscarriage is rare. Most Americans are wrong.

Yes, but will Americans hear, understand and start to empathize?

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The Conversation: Building blocks of life found among organic compounds on Comet 67P.

They both detected compounds which are important in the pathway to producing sugars – which go on to form the ‘backbone’ of DNA. They also both note the very low number of sulphur-bearing species, which is interesting given the abundance of sulphur in the solar system, and the ease with which it can become integrated into organic compounds.

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Lifehacker: This Infographic Shows What 25 Grams of Protein Looks Like.

Actually kind of handy. Many of these beat the 25 gram sweetener-filled protein bar.

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EOS HD: Hands on with the Sony A7R II.

I have never known such a well balanced, high performance chip. It looks significantly less noisy at first glance than the Canon 5DS. I say Canon have a lot of catching up to do.

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SciAm: How the Brain Purges Bad Memories.

Drugs that alter the cannabinoid system could provide a way to modify the fear circuit, thereby—possibly—alleviating anxiety. Neurostimulation technologies, including transcranial magnetic stimulation and even optogenetics, could also potentially be used therapeutically to augment standard anxiety treatments.” A lot of people could see relief.

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Guardian.UK: Native American family attacked in deadly shooting on Montana highway.

I often stop and help folks who look broken down. Looks like I may have to think twice about doing it - or contemplate concealed carry.

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Mashable: Brand new ‘Thunderbirds’ episodes will bring 50-year-old audio recordings to the screen.


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SciAm: Big Polluting Vehicles Roar Back with Low Gasoline Prices.

Oh yeah. The paint-faded 3-cylinder Geo Metros are back in the fields and barns, and even Hummers are making a reappearance in Santa Fe.

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Macworld: Capture One Pro 8.3 review.

Having Macworld review Capture One is like having Consumer Reports review an F1 race. You wonder why. “Aperture replacement” my eye. Those who shoot tethered in studios love Capture One. The editing features are complex and much more subtle than the Adobe offerings. The workflow is decidedly different, so you kind of have to go all-in if you’re going to use it. New is the subscription feature, which means I could grab it for three months ($75) for specific shoots.

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BBC: Plane crashes into Blackbushe Airport car auction site.

At airport events, one still tends to focus on various cars being moved around (so as not to get hit) ... not the airplane traffic overhead. A helicopter still makes me pop up and look around. Really don’t want to be chopped to hamburger.

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Valet.: Flip Your Lid.

HAHAHAHAH. In the Southwest, a baseball cap is the *worst* choice you can make, short of a do-rag, in full summer sun. Get a hat with a brim ... wider the better, and don’t eschew the chinstrap in our winds. Some may still not believe it, but there’s a reason cowboy hats exist. Just don’t do a cowboy hat with cargo shorts and flip-flops. You’ll get ridden out of town on a rail.

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Atlas Obscura: Old Barracks Museum.

Well, if you go, you can see my [adopted] grandfather’s Toby jug collection, and his grandmother’s wedding dress in all its Victorian glory. The Van Syckels - longtime Quakers in NJ.

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The Point: Forward with Fukuyama.

Hmmm. The internet age has seen history expand and contract in myriad ways. Poor education gifts contextless young journalists with near-zero historical perspective, whereas the internet itself is deepening the sheer volume of historical text. History seems to get interpreted and reinterpreted, sliding off current events like eggs off a teflon pan.

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DP Review: Quick Review - PhotoKeeper.

Looks interesting; waiting for someone to post a workflow experience.

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Luminous Landscape: Making People and Other Things Go Away.

If you’ve not heard or used the technique before. Pretty nifty, but does require exacting technique up-front. Don’t bump that tripod too hard. Mirror lockup adds a bit of crispness, too.

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Busy day already, links will be catch-as-catch-can.

Took time to remove an aging external (little used) from my Firewire chain, hunted down wasteful powerblocks, and rerouted some of my electrical wiring. Hopefully my externals and other accessories will be happier today.

Meetings yet to come, and I have to find time for my bodyweight workout. Let’s see what I can dig up in the meantime ...

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High Speed YoYo, reviews.

Because ... YoYo. What other excuse do I need?

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SF New Mexican: After nearly four decades, iconic Jackalope headed to auction.

So sad. One of those must-visit-regularly joints in Santa Fe; their wares grace so many homes in this area.

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PublishersWeekly: What Publishers Read at Home with Kids.

What?!! No “Look Out For Pirates”?!!

I must be old.

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Guardian.UK: Revised AP history standards will push ‘American exceptionalism’.

Many of the comments we have heard about the framework reflect either a misunderstanding of US history or a very limited faith in history teachers’ command of their subject matter.” I wonder if they still include discussion of the 1836 Gag Rule. Or Sand Creek. After all, they’re part of our ... *ahem* ... national heritage. We learn more from mistakes, right ... ?

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Vox: How conservative media helped the far-right take over the Republican Party.

How swiftly we forget. Not even a peep about the Fairness Doctrine, which some of us miss very much ...

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PS Mag: The Long Lasting Legacy of Droughts in Forests.

The effects of drought are deep and complex. Our tall pine and aspen forests are hanging on by a thread. At some point, more hardy species will take over. When the bark beetle killed the piñons in ‘03, our foothills here became denuded of >50% of their evergreen cover. The junipers have not made up the difference, so instead of green hills with small bits of rock showing, we have rocky foothills with clearly spotty tree cover. I look at photos I took pre-‘03, and it’s quite shocking. We get used to the ‘new look’ of things rather quickly, and forget even faster.

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Paris Review: Think Like a Mountain—Aldo Leopold’s Path to Conservationism.

And I have to point out - he wasn’t a 20-something doing this. Worldchanging work is still done by those over 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 ...

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