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Reverse zed, with petroglyphs.

Reverse zed, with petroglyphs.

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A Continuous Lean.: Living Vicariously Through Other People’s Junk.

Does this mean I’m not actually late with spring cleaning ... ? “I’m being trendy.”

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Dissent: A Conservative Case for the Welfare State.

“Today’s conservatives often suggest that the American welfare state is alien to the American experience, imposed on the nation during a particularly vulnerable time in its history by a quasi-dictatorial Franklin D. Roosevelt. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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Commonweal: The Liberal Arts vs. Neoliberalism.

One consequence of this seismic cultural shift is the train wreck of contemporary higher education. Nothing better exemplifies the catastrophe than President Barack Obama’s plan to publish the average incomes earned by graduates from various colleges, so parents and students can know which diplomas are worth the most in the marketplace, and choose accordingly. In higher education as in health care, market utility has become the sole criterion of worth.”  My italicized emphasis. Gag.

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The New York Review of Books: Sensual Sappho.

Did art shape life? Or are such sensations the universal experience of erotically fixated individuals, which would mean that lived experience had been recorded with uncanny realism in Sappho’s art?

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MessyNessy: The Great American Picnic of 1948.

Simply fun to look at.

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Photo shoots and meets this morning.

Links at noonish, Mountain time.  Best laid plans and all that ... the day’s cloudy, when I was hoping for sun. More lighting equipment must be gathered ...

Later: Still running to catch up. Nothing like leaving your expensive rainjacket at a client’s, a half-hour away ... on a rainy day. Having to burn an extra hour to retrieve it.

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Autoweek: World of Speed museum opens Friday!

Looks great, I think. Way too much HDR in these pix. Ruins it, IMHO. I can’t judge the mood of the space.

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Bloomberg.com: Amazon discloses cloud services sales, 49% jump.

Holy Hannah.

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CookPolitical: Focus on the Fundamentals, Not the Scooby Van.

At the end of the day, when you put all the assets and liabilities on the table, it’s hard to see anyone but Rubio, Bush or Walker as the ultimate nominee.” Walker has largely no relevance in NM. If I read the tea leaves at all correctly, I predict NM Repubs will go for Rubio or Bush.

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PapaScott goes Jekyll/Disqus.

Just keeping an eye on fellow old-schoolers ... his new RSS is here.

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SF New Mexican: Adam Sandler film angers Native American actors, who walked off set.

Judging third-hand; so I shouldn’t comment. They were filming just down the way, at the long downhill RR bend to Lamy on 285. I didn’t get to see if they’d shipped in a vintage locomotive ... the site had two sinister-looking State police vehicles in attendance. I figured if I whipped out my DSLR with long black telephoto, I’d get nailed.

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DiscoverMag: Missing Magma Found Beneath Yellowstone Park.

And now scientists say that volume has been underestimated. New studies of the volcano reveal a deeper magma reservoir that holds more than four times the magma volume previously known.” Here’s a dumb question. Dumb only because if it’s so, it’s dumb. Really dumb. Is anyone putting fracking chemicals into deep wells nearby ... ?

Later: Proposed. Good lord. 80 miles ain’t far enough, in my book.

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Apple Support: Pro Video Format 2.0.1 asks me to update it repeatedly ...

One of those days. I downloaded the Apple software update after reapplying the blasted update twice in the App Store, made sure it installed properly, and then just chose to ‘Hide this Update’ in the App Store, rather than purchase Pacifist. Posted this for others suffering this particular malady.

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My host decided to recompile PHP ...

... and the global PHP.ini file got borked. Piwik let me know — “PDO extension not enabled”. Host didn’t double-check their work. Naughty, naughty ... now I have no stats for the last 24 hours. Not that it’s a concern. I just like to see where folks come from. I still get a lot of enjoyment from seeing readers from across the globe.

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WSJ: Best Way to Organize a Lifetime of Photos. [Comparing Apple Photos to Adobe LR, more.]

A bit fluffy, but worth referencing.

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NBC/First Read: Foundation Questions Continue to Plague Clinton.

Now all of these stories are complex and murky. But what they all reveal — especially the New York Times’ piece on the uranium deal — is the APPEARANCE of a scandal. Even if you take the Clintons at their word that there was no quid pro quo with these donations to the Clinton Foundation to buy influence, that’s not what the donors may have been thinking.

Later: New York Magazine, “... the best-case scenario is bad enough: The Clintons have been disorganized and greedy.” Again, emblematic of what this race is going to be like with Clinton as nominee. Doesn’t this feel like folks have been storing up the vitriol for ages, waiting for a finger to be pulled out of the dike? Everyone, Left *and* Right, wants to get their pound of flesh.

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The Atlantic: The Art of Staying Focused in a Distracting World.

Kids learn empathy in part through eye contact and gaze. If kids are learning empathy through eye contact, and our eye contact is with devices, they will miss out on empathy.

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The Register.UK: Fukushima nuke plant owner told to upgrade from Windows XP.

It’s Microsoft’s fault?

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Guardian.UK: Capitol-bound gyrocopter pilot ‘should have been blown out of the air’.

Alas, it’s not just paranoia. Spend two minutes thinking about what could be carried aboard a small gyrocopter [some can carry two, so you’re looking at 150-250 pound payload in addition to pilot], you’ll know what I mean. As I’ve expressed previously, I could wish this guy had found a more benign method for registering his disapproval. Yet, given the focus on drones, these actions may be fortuitous in sealing off a blind spot.

04/23/15 • 10:41 AM • Human RightsPoliticsVehicles(4) Comments

Vimeo: The Alchemist’s Letter.

Foreshadowing that goes nowhere, really; meticulously and beautifully created.

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NJ.com: Landslide along Delaware River forces evacuation of 2 Florence homes.

Some are inaccurately labelling this a ‘sinkhole’ for sensationalist purposes. This article gives you better info.

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Adobe Blogs: Tips for Creating Raw HDR Images in Lightroom CC.

Remember, the point is to just tastefully enhance reality, not to turn your images into technicolor soup.

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Lifehacker: What’s the Best Everyday Carry Knife?

I’ll never look at a mild-mannered geek or hipster the same way again.  I carry a Gerber Paraframe. Not because I comparison shopped, but because I needed a knife with smooth+serrated blade, and the design (in the package) made sense. When I break it, I’ll replace it. I tend to leave it clipped in a pocket in my bag, not in a pants pocket. It will scratch plastic or other devices.

04/23/15 • 09:56 AM • ConsumptionDesignPersonal(8) Comments

Atlas Obscura: Bandalier National Monument.

Bandelier. You could take the time to spell it correctly. And color balance the photos so they’re not so blue (we’re at altitude; you have to balance your camera to warm up the light).  A fun fact: one of the residents could carve out a new room in a day, it’s that soft.

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Carmon Funeral Home: Mary Keefe Obituary. [‘Rosie the Riveter’]

A moment of silence for an icon. ..................

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Messy Nessy Chic: For Sale! The Last Cinema Bus.

If it weren’t the last specimen, I’d want to turn it into the coolest motorhome ever.

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Guardian.UK: Creative Schools – we need to call time on exam-factory education.

Britain, but we in the US risk the same result: “... scarred by the media reporting of the Pisa international league tables on school performance, they have retreated into a self-defeating cul-de-sac of testing and assessment. As a result, we are at risk of inculcating an industrial education system producing compliant, linear pupils.

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Sittin’ on the back porch, feet up, taking it all in.

Just another sunset.

Enjoy your evenin’, folks.

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News.com.AU: Belle Gibson - ‘No, None of it is true’.

Factitious disorder is self driving and self perpetuating, maintained by the attention that people receive. Sufferers who use social media have a wider audience and therefore a greater propensity to receive the attention they are looking for by pretending to have the illness.” No remorse, endangering real cancer patients’ lives with bad advice. Just a plea of “I’m screwed up. I have Mommy issues. Give me some respect.”

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SciAm: Oil May Have Killed Gulf Dolphins.

It’s impossible to say if it’s back to normal because we don’t know what normal was.” Oh. My. Freaking. God. This is like fracking - noone establishes a baseline before introducing disruptive technologies. This is how corporations avoid liability.

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Youtube: The OceanMaker.

Must-see. And the making-of info.

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I see one kid with a red backpack, walking home from school.

There is hope for the world:

so much relies
a red back
glowing in the
along the hike/bike

Apologies to William C. Williams.

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Got a new B&H catalog.

I realized, walking back from the mailbox, that it’s like the old Sears “Wish Book.” All the stuff photographers want, can’t afford ... and probably don’t really need. So we sit, leaf through, and dream.

04/22/15 • 02:27 PM • ConsumptionPersonalPhotography(3) Comments

Politico: Secret Koch memo outlines plans for 2016.

We’re focused on advancing a long-term shift at every level of government towards a culture of freedom. And we’re not just fighting for the fun of it — we intend to win.” Just like the late ‘70’s genesis of the think-tanks.

04/22/15 • 01:13 PM • EconomicsHistoryPolitics(3) Comments

GitHub/hiddentao: Officer Involved Shootings incidents map for the US.

Of note.

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Guardian.UK: Stegosaurus back plates differed between genders, new study reveals.

Important for The Spotters Guide to Stegosaurs. Seriously, that’s pretty neat.

04/22/15 • 12:37 PM • HistoryNatureScience • No Comments

PC World: Man fires 8 gunshots into his Dell PC after Blue Screens of Death push him over edge.

We’ve all felt like this, but this anecdote makes it even more hilarious, IMHO: “The deed went down behind Hinch’s home, where he and his girlfriend also run a homeopathic herb store.

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PS Blog: Will Google’s Mobile Friendly Changes Impact Your Photography Website?

Finally, someone admits it in plain English: “Google’s change will only affect the search results initiated from mobile devices (not including tablets). Desktop searches will remain unchanged. Further, it only applies to individual pages, not entire websites.”  Too many designers are being mealy-mouthed about the specifics, trying to generate ‘panic’ business.

Later: SEOBook, “The problem with going early is you eat the expense upfront, while the rewards are still unknown.”

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c|net: Eye-popping ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ is almost too spectacular (spoiler-free review).

But the Vision is a pink android who can fly and wears a cape, marking the point the film makes the leap into out-and-out comic book nuttiness. It might just be a leap too far for the casual viewer.” I’m afraid in the first Avengers, when the [lacking a better description] giant armored fish-grubs come out of the sky-hole and fly/wriggle around downtown Manhattan with no visible means of support other than a couple of fins, I shared Iron Man’s lament: “I’m seeing. Still working on believing.” These films are starting to bow to complete silliness, and that’s a shame. Some things should stay on the pages of the comic books.

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