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365/2: 324. Blue skies on today’s hike, looking towards Lamy, NM.

365/2: 324.

11/22/14 • 05:26 PM • PersonalPhotographySanta Fe Local1 Comment

Brain Mic: There’s a Suicide Epidemic in Utah — And One Neuroscientist Thinks He Knows Why.

Altitude, really? Flagging this for further study results.

11/22/14 • 01:41 PM • HealthPsychologyScience • No Comments

Daily Beast: Hillary Adviser/Bush-Portman Ticket Could Doom Dems in 2016.

But closer-to-centers win, generally speaking. They should grow beards and run as the vintage/hipster ticket, really.

11/22/14 • 01:34 PM • HistoryPolitics • No Comments

CosmosUp: Astronomers Find Cluster of Quasars Aligned Perfectly Across Billion Light Years.

Nature, or proof of intelligent life ... ?  (ducking.)

11/22/14 • 01:22 PM • Science • No Comments

BBC: Pilgrims flock to Goa to see Saint Francis Xavier remains.

All well and good, but dig deeper and read about this Saint’s life and travels.

11/22/14 • 12:18 PM • HistoryHuman RightsReligionTravel • No Comments

Supercharged.FR: Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo.

A new Chaparral? Pretty swoopy.

11/21/14 • 09:16 PM • DesignVehicles • No Comments

io9: This 2000-Year-Old Pigment Can Eliminate The Third Dimension.

So cool. The Chinese had ‘flat UI’ before we did.

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365/2: 323. There’s nothing like the smell of frying/roasting peppers ...

365/2: 323.

11/21/14 • 07:37 PM • FoodPersonalPhotographySanta Fe Local • No Comments

Archaeology News Network: Ancient Coptic ‘Handbook of Spells’ deciphered.

This codex, with its mix of Sethian and Orthodox Christian invocations, may in fact be a transitional document, written before all Sethian invocations were purged from magical texts, the researchers said.” Cool. So much was destroyed by Christian zealots of later periods, chipping and burning ‘heresies’.

11/21/14 • 04:22 PM • HistoryReligionScience • No Comments

Ask DN: What’s your use case for Evernote?

Of note. Thread should mature more as the day goes on.

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PBS/Frontline: New Report - Adam Lanza “Did Not Just ‘Snap’”.

The authors describe a symbiotic relationship between mother and son, with Nancy going to excessive lengths to protect him from stress, which had the damaging effect of isolating him from the outside world. She treated him as a close confidant, but ‘that may have been well beyond his relatively immature emotional capacities.’” Alas I know of more than one tragedy of this kind. I’ll agree with the psychologists who say, “Suffer the little children to grow at their own pace.

They need goals, don’t get me wrong. But we do them a disservice to ‘adultize’ them too soon. One can begin to accept them as ‘another adult’ and misperceive the actual abilities of the child, allowing them to get into situations where older and wiser heads are required to make safe choices.

11/21/14 • 03:50 PM • ChildhoodHealthHistoryPsychology1 Comment

EW/Goosebump Alert: See the music video for ‘The Hobbit’s ‘Last Goodbye’.

Well done. I might have assembled the edits a bit differently, but that’s a quibble.

11/21/14 • 03:37 PM • EntertainmentMusic • No Comments

Mashable: New Mexico lawmakers concerned about Spaceport America’s future.

“Build it and they will come”? I hate, hate to say it, but ... perhaps only after it’s gone bankrupt and they can pick it up for pennies on the dollar, beholden to none.

11/21/14 • 11:34 AM • Santa Fe LocalScience • No Comments

Youtube: Buddy Guy & Jimi Hendrix - Jam Session.


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If you update to the latest Evernote for Mac ...

... and you seem to be missing the last month or so of notes, don’t panic. Hit the “Updated” column title a couple of times to re-sort.  Nothing’s missing, it just has a bit of brain fog.

11/21/14 • 10:35 AM • AppleGeneralSoftware • No Comments

Envato: Critical Security Vulnerability in WordPress Versions 3 to 3.9.

FYI, if you haven’t already heard.

11/21/14 • 10:09 AM • InternetSecuritySoftwareWeblogs • No Comments

Macworld: Re/code kills comments - I have something to say.

The idea of person-to-person interaction is now almost quaint. While there remain strong communities of users, they’re often not the primary source of information for most people. Rather, we turn to company sites and data repositories to learn what we need. As for social interaction, well, that’s why they call it social networking. We increasingly use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other services to hang out with our virtual friends.

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Home Designing: Breathtaking Stone Mosaics Turn Nature Into Art.

OK, wow.

11/21/14 • 09:35 AM • ArtsDesignHome & Living • No Comments

Ted Cruz has lost it. Quoting Cicero v. Catiline?

Catiline was a Senator wanting to overthrow the Republic.

Pot. Kettle. Black.

11/20/14 • 09:04 PM • HistoryPolitics • No Comments

365/2: 322. Meet ‘Flit’, our wintering hummingbird.

365/2: 322.

We have a wintering hummingbird. Up at 6AM to give him warm sugar water (it’s below 27 at night here, when sugar water freezes). He’s skittish as all get-out, and I have to sneak up on him to get any image at all. Tight crop, through a screen. Hopefully he’ll get tamer if he sticks around.

Job #1 right now is keeping him alive through these cold nights. The skittish behavior is something we’ve observed before, when instinct takes over. He obviously would love to migrate, but can’t lace up enough food sources to make it ... so he’ll disappear for a day, half a day, and then reappear. If he could make it to the Bosque down in Albuquerque, he’d have food sources all the way down to Mexico. It’s this first 75 miles that’s brutal for late migrators.

11/20/14 • 08:47 PM • EnvironmentalNatureSanta Fe LocalScience(2) Comments

ArtDaily: O’Keeffe painting sells for more than 3x the previous world auction record ...

... for any female artist. Here: “Seven bidders competed for Jimson Weed/White Flower No. 1, but it was a prolonged battle between two determined bidders that drove the price to this record height – nearly tripling the work’s high estimate of $15 million.

11/20/14 • 07:46 PM • ArtsEconomicsHistorySanta Fe Local • No Comments

SciAm: Why Do People Believe in Conspiracy Theories?

Encouragingly, Uscinski and Parent found that education makes a difference in reducing conspiratorial thinking: 42 percent of those without a high school diploma are high in conspiratorial predispositions, compared with 23 percent with postgraduate degrees. Even so, that means more than one in five Americans with postgraduate degrees show a high predisposition for conspiratorial belief.

11/20/14 • 02:55 PM • PsychologyScience(3) Comments

CJR: Texas reporters fight for access to fracking facts.

Let some sun shine in. To me, this policy bespeaks a great deal of fear.

11/20/14 • 02:53 PM • EconomicsEnvironmentalHuman RightsNewsPolitics • No Comments

Expedition Portal: Inuvik or Bust - To the End of the Earth in a BMW M Coupe.

Some challenged spelling in spots, but a fun read nonetheless.

11/20/14 • 02:38 PM • TravelVehicles • No Comments

DP Review: Lighting equipment manufacturer Metz files for insolvency.

Improving product from China murdered them. Many’s the time I thought of going for Metz rather than Canon or Nikon, but the savings and/or features were never enough to steer me in their direction. I will miss having them available as a quality option.

11/20/14 • 02:32 PM • EconomicsHardwarePhotography • No Comments

Italian Ways: The paradox of the Ducati RR 3404.1 ”breadbox”.

Not a motorcycle. A tube radio.

11/20/14 • 01:02 PM • ArtsHardwareHistoryMusic • No Comments

Bush Smarts: Camp Coffee Kit.

How upscale. We used a clean sock, a pot, and lots of boiling in Texas. Stronger? Boil longer. Worked great. And so lightweight (one slightly-stained sock).

Later: I have to laugh. The ‘boiling in Texas’ was absolutely necessary. [Not.] Mangled grammar! I’ll leave it.

11/20/14 • 10:37 AM • ConsumptionDesignFood(2) Comments

Science of Us: Look at How Texting Is Warping Your Spine.

An adult head weighs 10 to 12 pounds in the neutral position. As the head tilts forward, the forces seen by the neck surges to 27 pounds at 15 degrees, 40 pounds at 30 degrees, 49 pounds at 45 degrees and 60 pounds at 60 degrees.”  I was wondering why I see so many human ‘vultures’ around - and it’s worst in the young!

11/20/14 • 10:34 AM • HardwareHealthInternetMobile • No Comments

PS Mag: How Old Brains Learn New Tricks.

In visual learning experiments in which participants must remember sets of images or look for minute changes in an image, older experimental subjects can learn at about the same rate as younger people.” An opening for online learning, certainly.

11/20/14 • 10:28 AM • HealthScience • No Comments

The Luminous Landscape: Vision 13 - Photographer’s Block.

Good advice. I’d add skim through Newhall’s History of Photography.

11/20/14 • 10:26 AM • PhotographyPsychology • No Comments

DP Review: Sony announces Alpha 7 II full-frame mirrorless camera with 5-axis IS.

Ah. Because of the MPs, this is still the most intriguing of the mirrorless cameras (IMHO). This may finally spur a rental.

11/20/14 • 10:24 AM • ConsumptionDesignHardwarePhotography(2) Comments

TNR: A Defense of Reason.

Reason is an intensely romantic pursuit, especially if one finds romance in struggle. Reason’s victories are almost never final. It is always surrounded by unreason, which is always more popular.

11/20/14 • 09:28 AM • PsychologyScholarlyScience • No Comments

Variety: Netflix Picks Up ‘Longmire’ for Season 4.

FANTASTIC. Thank you, Netflix!

11/19/14 • 06:45 PM • EntertainmentSanta Fe Local • No Comments

365/2: 321. Looking out over the state grazing lands ...

365/2: 321.

11/19/14 • 06:41 PM • PersonalPhotographySanta Fe Local • No Comments

Santa Fe New Mexican: Uber launches in Santa Fe.

Color me surprised. Sure enough, here they are.

11/19/14 • 03:26 PM • InternetMobileSanta Fe Local • No Comments

Stanford.EDU: Stanford archaeologist reveals health care in the ancient world.

At Deir el-Medina, we see two health care networks happening. [snip] There’s a professional, state-subsidized network so the state can get what it wants – a nice tomb for the king. Parallel to this, there’s a private network of families and friends. And this network has pressure to take care of its members, for fear of public shaming, such as being divorced for neglect or even disinherited.

11/19/14 • 02:57 PM • HistoryPoliticsReligionScience • No Comments

Photo Attorney: Forest Service Chief Issues Directive on Photography Permits.

Cut to the chase: “I also want to emphasize that commercial photography only requires a permit if the photography takes place at locations where members of the public are not allowed, or uses models, sets, or props. Commercial film and photography permit fees should be primarily viewed as land-use fees. If the activity presents no more impact on the land than that of the general public, then it shall be exempt from permit requirements.” My italic emphasis.

11/19/14 • 02:15 PM • LawNaturePhotographyPolitics • No Comments

zenhabits: Writer as Coder - The Iterative Way to Write a Book.

Feedback as you go. Not a bad idea.

11/19/14 • 01:56 PM • ArtsBooks(2) Comments

the interpreter: ISIS beheadings are a grotesque media strategy

None of these actions are designed to dissuade Western military intervention in Iraq or Syria, or even to goad the West into becoming decisively committed on the ground, because ISIS understands this is unlikely to occur. Rather, it has a much more short-term aim: to get ISIS’s military and political setbacks out of the media cycle and replace them with bloody imagery that demonstrates ISIS is still a force.” It is very unsettling to see social media and personal branding strategies used for these purposes.

11/19/14 • 01:55 PM • Human RightsInternetLawMotion GraphicsPoliticsReligionSocial Media • No Comments

Youtube: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy gag reel - Dance Off.


11/19/14 • 01:25 PM • EntertainmentMotion Graphics • No Comments
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