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USA Today: Virgin Galactic spaceship explodes, killing 1 pilot.

A witness said the SpaceShipTwo blew up shortly after its engine fired when it was dropped from the WhiteKnight aircraft that carried it aloft ...” Over CA, otherwise I would have heard about it sooner.  Best wishes for the surviving pilot’s health.

Doing a quick look online, it seems Scaled/VG has been testing different engines ... with varying results [2013 link] ... in order to meet their passenger commitments.

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Le Vélo // Bikes.

A German outfit rebuilds vintage bikes.  Some really droolworthy models there.

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CSS-Tricks: Taking Control of the CSS/JS that WordPress Plugins Load.

Yes please. Speed up those plugin-contaminated slow-loading installs, please.

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Mashable: Britain is about to make its first World War I debt repayment.

As well as war bonds, some of the bonds being redeemed go back even further, dating to the 18th century and the financial crisis of the day — the South Sea Bubble.” Must be nice to fiddle with your own debts to your own advantage.

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Indianapolis Business Journal: The tragedy of electronic medical records.

FYI. I’ve related my experience of a year or so ago ... sitting while a physician’s attendant hunt-and-pecked information into an EHR system for 45 minutes, something I volunteered to do and could have performed in five. Afterwards, they *still* screwed up insurance/billing. 

I have a feeling this is like the current electronic accounting market. Dozens of brands of customized software, all storing info in different ways, none compatible with another. Or am I wrong?

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GQ: Beautiful Photos of Beautiful People in The Leather Biker Jacket That Started it All.

Eh. Perhaps historically. The best damned made motorcycle leather jacket I’ve ever owned ... and still own ... is a German-made Hein Gericke jacket. Highly, highly recommended. It will never wear out or fall apart. Never. I understand they’re having financial difficulties - a terrible shame.  I will treasure mine all the more ... and look for another model to fill out my cycling wardrobe.

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Vice: The Town Making the Horrifying Discovery That It’s Built Out of Jewish Tombstones.

Fifteen hundred headstones have been found in Brest over the past six years, with the rate of discovery escalating since work on the supermarket began.”  Remnants of Nazi and Russian attention in WWII.

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HyperAllergic: What Do Classical Antiquities Look Like in Color?

Tacky and cartoony, with paint. Always made me question Greek ‘classical’ tastes. Must’ve been like living in Las Vegas or a Disney theme park.

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Oct 15/WaPo: Dr Richard Besser on the risk of catching Ebola.

In all the media hype over the nurse in Maine, I thought what my former PHS classmate had to say on the subject was timely: “You are putting yourself in much greater danger if you don’t get a flu shot than if you talk to someone from West Africa.”  Read the entire piece.

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Here’s one y’all ain’t never seen.

365/2: 302 outtake.

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365/2: 302. Totally spaced on taking a photo today.

365/2: 302.

This’ll have to do for now.

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ArtDaily: The Vatican’s Sistine Chapel dazzles thanks to a revolutionary new lighting system.

The LEDs have a colour spectrum specifically designed with the pigmentation of the frescos in mind to ensure the light faithfully reflects the original colours, as the artists intended.” Someone will probably want to throw a stone at me, but I miss the patina. Easier to take in as a whole, before. Now, I’d have to spend a half hour or more looking at each individual tableau.

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Colossal: Timelapse of the 2014 Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.

Brilliant application of timelapse.

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Wired: Why It Took 23 Years to Link Amelia Earhart’s Disappearance to This Scrap of Metal.

The team then looked at every other kind of plane that could’ve flown over the Pacific at that time. But, again, nothing fit.” Pretty big statement. I see some (rivet) holes in this theory. Many other Lockheed-manufactured planes [Hudson, Lightning, Ventura] operated in that area; some might ostensibly have similar riveting - or also blacked out a window [windows were often standard sizes]. Or even a re-used piece of aluminum, inheriting double the rivet holes. Recycling was done extensively as planes were damaged.

A big question mark is Japanese aircraft, though the actual aluminum could be tested to rule most out (some models, such as the Zero, used a special grade of aluminum). Surviving specimens are thin on the ground to compare to, a problem. Yet they used stressed metal skins that would play directly into the damage patterns on this piece.

[Speaking as someone who has a relative still missing in action from ‘46 in the woods near Snoqualmie, WA. People find lots of metal, even tacitly link it to the plane type. Until you’ve got a part with a manufacturer number on it, your trail is but lukewarm.]

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Guardian.UK: Drones spotted over seven French nuclear sites, says EDF.

Don’t give terrorists any bright ideas, please.

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Vox: GamerGate’s scary plan to wipe Gawker Media from the face of the Earth.

On some fundamental level, GamerGate is driven by the thought that games publications shouldn’t just have ethical standards but should never publish an opinion the movement disagrees with ever.” If so, Joseph Goebbels smiles in pride.

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Electric Literature: Searching for the Headless Horseman.

The Headless Horseman may have become one of America’s oldest ghosts, but his story was born in Europe and variations of him have long existed in Irish and German folklore.” Who minds? It’s so compelling.

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Another busy morning.

Links in about an hour. 

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365/2: 301.  This, this is what I do to watches.

365/2: 301.

Anyone know a good Heuer watch repair facility? This is the third mineral crystal I’ve busted, causing ‘rain’ inside the case.

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The Atlantic: I Can Never Have Too Many Mechanical Pencils.

I find a 0.9mm is just a smidge thick, but near-impossible to break. So it’s become my go-to mechanical pencil.

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Archaeology News Network: Amphipolis dig shows no doorway to fourth chamber.

Let’s hope further access is only obscured and that the existing tomb is all there is (and stripped).

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Archaeology News Network: Searchers consider ‘winter dive’ to explore Erebus further.

Cool. Er, no. Cold.

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Art of VFX: Into the Woods, featurette.

Of interest, also.

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Art of VFX: BBC ‘God Only Knows’ - Behind The Work.

So much green screen these days. It must be so hard for actors.

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Dazed: Top 10 cult leather icons.

Okay, how could such a hip online magazine forget to include the Lizard King in his leather pants? Huh? Dump Cruise in Top Gun. That had very little cultural effect, comparatively.

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The Atlantic: It’s Coming - $65 Oil.

A welcome reprieve. I still maintain most of Clinton’s ‘good economy’ was the result of lower energy prices. Notice the Fed is making noise about ending the stimulus. Interesting timing. I hope this puts the kibosh on new fracking starts - they want to encroach Chaco.  That’s a big NO from me.

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Valet./Explainer: Hangers.

My cheat is to use a tubular plastic hanger and pin my neckline with clothespins so the shoulder seams don’t end up with nipples.

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Italian Ways: Tato’s dynamic aerial paintings.

Aw, these are great.

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Busier morning than I expected.

Links eventually.

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The Luminous Landscape: The Optimum Digital Exposure.

An update of ‘Expose to the Right.’  I’ll try it out.

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Youtube: 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman.

Excellent use of hidden video to illuminate a problem men only theoretically understand. Face it - we men would be in someone’s face after the third catcall, or filing harrassment suits. Walking through your office and having someone say “Oh, you got an ass on you” or “Shake it, baby” on a regular basis would probably break your composure quite effectively.

Later: Apparently this video is attracting rape threats. What’s happened to America, and ‘our’ internet?

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How often are you going to see an authentic DuPont out on the road?

365/2: 300 outtake.

You’re welcome.

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365/2: 300. Medicinal.

365/2: 300.

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Amazon.com: Book - The Rolling Stones.

Coming December 15. An amazing list of photographers’ work in here.

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TechCrunch: W3C Declares HTML5 Standard Complete.

On to 5.1.

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Mashable: British etiquette manual tells you how to behave in the 21st century.

The rule is that you should always give the other person more attention than technology.

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Metafilter curiousity.

When I visit Metafilter via RSS, I’m seeing a very modern redesign. Anyone else?  Looks nice.

[Later: Ah, new design when I’m logged out, old design when I’m logged in. DNS percolating changes, I assume.]

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Archaeology News Network: Remains of French ship being reassembled in Texas.

Ill-fated La Salle.

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Photo Attorney: Texas Statute Limiting Photos of People Found To Be Unconstititional.

Of note.

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MessyNessyChic: Vintage Supercars rotting away in a forest (and that’s how the owner wants it)

Painful and beautiful at the same time.

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