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NY Times: Colorado Weighs Replacing Obama’s Health Policy With Universal Coverage.

The system would be financed by payroll taxes of 3.3 percent for workers and 6.7 percent for employers. It would impose a 10 percent tax on investment income, people who are self-employed and some small-business income.” Sounds reasonable, if it can be supported on such. Yet 10% for self-employed ... ouch. Double-ouch. Compared to ‘workers’ and ‘employers’. We small businesses have a hard enough time. But if we could actually *use* it, we could bear it.

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Barnfinds: Motorhome Master - 1974 FMC 2900R Motorhome.

I would die. The ‘70’s burned me out on Avocado Green. I see it today, I have near-epileptic fits.

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c|net: Women have a ‘bitch-switch,’ says telecom CEO.

And we men don’t have a ‘bastard button’?

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Portside: Time to Transform Bernie’s Campaign Into a Permanent Organization.

Sanders supporters, it’s your most important read of the month. If you don’t want all your efforts to go to waste, you must organize and become something more than just a one-candidate flash-in-the-pan. America needs you, the world needs you.

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Youtube: Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Vintage Swing Jet Cover ft. Addie Hamilton.

Never gets old, PMJ.

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AuthorityNutrition: Are Oats and Oatmeal Gluten-Free?

They are, but cross-contamination is a huge problem. I eat oats only when I know I can ‘take a chance’ with my health.

I’ll take the opportunity to interject another interesting cross-contamination source. Coffee. I bought some mass market coldbrew coffee, and had some problems. I chalked it up to acidity (even though cold brew is supposed to be lower), kept drinking, and had worse problems. Doing research (I’m SO sick of researching things) ... coffee in America is of course not subject to cross-contamination in general. It’s the source countries. They use the same trucks for the coffee harvest that they use for hauling wheat and other grains. So some, especially cheaper coffees, can be significantly contaminated.

Unfortunately, everyone changes their sourcing all the time. I stick with one brand until symptoms start, and then start gently trialing others.

Celiac/gluten issues blow the big one. I hate it.

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DJ: ‘All Belgians to get iodine pills’ in case of nuclear accident.

The reactor pressure vessels at both sites have shown signs of metal degradation, raising fears about their safety. They were temporarily closed but resumed service last December.” Show some sense. Close ‘em down.

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Flickr: Labels and Tags.

I may have pointed to this before, or maybe just something similar. Tickles the back of my brain. Well, it’s always an aesthetic joy.

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Seattle Times: It’s official - Kennewick Man is Native American.

Obviously we are hearing an acknowledgment from the Corps of what we have been saying for 20 years. [snip] Now we want to collectively do what is right, and bring our relative back for reburial.

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Re/code: Activists urge Google - ‘Don’t be evil, #DumpTrump’.

Our ask to Google is really simple: Don’t put your brand on a Trump-led convention.

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The Atlantic: Trump’s Plan to Bring Jobs Back From China Misses the Point on U.S. Manufacturing.

The truth is, even if China blinked out of existence tomorrow, there just wouldn’t be a need for much of the work America lost. While low-skilled labor dominated manufacturing in decades past, automation and computers have made factory floors both tremendously productive and relatively human-free. A revitalized American manufacturing sector would raise employment, but not to the levels seen in 1979—a heyday that economists say is unlikely to be repeated.

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Archaeology News Network: Khafre pyramid much less dense than believed.

The interior is likely made of remarkably lightweight limestone that is produced in surrounding areas.” Yep, ‘only’ 3.98 million tons, instead of 5.5.

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Macworld: Vivaldi 1.0 review - Browser offers innovative ideas, some more polished than others.

FYI. I’ve downloaded and fooled with it a bit. Nice enough, but I’m not switching from Chrome/Safari/Firefox. I’ll use it for accessing client CMSs and accounts from time to time, see if it chokes.

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The Atlantic: John Boehner on Ted Cruz - ‘Lucifer in the Flesh’.

I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.

Later: A sort of subtext on the above, from Vox.

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WaPo: Paris terror suspect is ‘a little jerk,’ his lawyer says.

Mary referred to Abdeslam in French as a ‘petit con’ — a phrase that could be translated as ‘little jerk’ or a—hole — who was ‘more a follower than a leader’ among ‘Molenbeek’s little delinquents.’ He said Abdeslam ‘is the perfect example of the GTA generation who thinks he lives in a video game.’ (GTA stands for “Grand Theft Auto,” a popular gaming franchise that enables players to embark on deadly rampages and killing sprees in a virtual city.)” Points to economic opportunity and education as being reasonable preventatives, though.

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National Geographic: Exclusive Photos Show Destruction of Nineveh Gates by ISIS.

According to Danti, the Islamic State’s scorched earth policy is psychological warfare intended to give the appearance that they are in control and to make onlookers feel powerless.” The payback for this wonton destruction, however, may be merciless.

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Register.UK: Batten down the hatches! OpenSSL preps fix for high impact vulnerability.


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PDN: Ilford Brings Black & White Film Developing to U.S.

Missed this on Monday! Time to roll out my old film cameras again!

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Flutterby™!: On Afghanistan and Higher Education Funding.

Dan’s at the same place I am. I doublethink my linking efforts here constantly, because vetting even the most benign articles is now a requirement.

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PS Mag: Does Hillary Clinton’s Gender Give Her an Advantage?

A refreshingly different take from the usual ‘victimhood’ line: “ Many adults (34%) think that female politicians are better at working out compromises than their male counterparts. Only 9% say men are better.

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Guardian.UK: Ten inconsistencies in Trump’s big foreign policy address.

It is perhaps unfair, however, to dwell too closely on textual analysis of a speech clearly written by a number of people.” As I mentioned, a teleprompted speech. I know what goes on behind the scenes ...

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SF New Mexican: Tens of thousands set to gather for nation’s largest powwow.

If you haven’t experienced it, put it on the bucket list.

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Neurodiversity.com: Screams, slaps & love (1965).

Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Therapists got angry with my stutter, but I never had to experience this. Perhaps I should count myself lucky.

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WSJ: How Trump Killed Reaganism.

Be even better if I could read the whole thing. When are newspaper sites going to give us micropayment per-article prices?

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Politico: Trump passes Romney’s popular vote total, likely to break GOP record.

Ouch. But, if you were wondering, Hillary’s over 12 million.

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NY Times: Donald Trump, Laying Out Foreign Policy, Promises Coherence.

You recall the Right-wing warning about ‘teleprompter speeches’ ...

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The Atlantic: The Two Contradictory Ideas Many Americans Have About the Economy.

Many Americans, then, are holding two contradictory ideas in their mind at once: the optimistic belief that their success is in their hands (on display since Tocqueville’s Democracy in America) and the acknowledgement that wages have been steadily stagnating (on decline since the band America).” Dumb reference, that last one.

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SciAm: Many More Republicans Now Believe in Climate Change.

Forty-seven percent of conservatives now say the climate is changing, a leap of 19 points since the midterm elections of 2014.” Repeat after me: Solar. Solar. Solar.

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SciAm: Trump Culture - Threat, Fear and the Tightening of the American Mind.

Tightness/looseness? I look forward to peer review of this one.

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I wish I could link some of the good articles at The Nation.

After three ‘free reads’, they start putting popup roadblocks in the way. So I can’t expose you to their work. There is one today on Sanders and Progressivism that I wanted to comment upon.

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