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thu 04 jan 01

oatmeal box pinhole photo gallery.

some great photo links.

of course, there would have to be a whole toy camera webring ...

makes me want to go to photo swap meets and get that beseler 23c i've been wanting since high school ...

a whole photo essay done with holga and diana: cuba, a land baked in time.


a site with a few shots from the classic diana, holga or pinhole cameras.

christian science monitor: new laws went into effect jan 1. bureaucracy at it's best. mothers won't get prosecuted if they abandon their babies at fire stations ...

macromedia flash usability tips. for programmers.

cnn: did the army corps of engineers side with the native americans? scientists still want kennewick man. keep digging folks, there's bound to be others.

weekly standard: karl may, germany's james fenimore cooper? karl may's name keeps coming up more and more often, on television and in print. usually as an anecdote about adolph hilter's love of his books.

nytimes: cut out the top and middlemen ... direct from author to megabookstore.

bbc: whitbread winners announced.

faz.com: photographers record antiquity. shades of atget.

art newspaper: selling art on the net isn't quite as profitable as everyone thought.

msnbc: the emperor's new clothes? at&t's security flaw reveals confidential information for small businesses. maybe if i tattoo my social security # on my forehead, i'll be safe ...

here you go. no more excuses. phat linux 3.3 installs linux through a windows installer. a one-click install is possible, without partitioning. or so they say.

32bitsonline: cobalt cube 3 a box of wonders.

technocrat.net is shutting its doors.

fool: invest in cracker barrel. just watch your cholesterol count.

securityfocus: flash vulnerability.

i may not be quite up to my usual linkage today; got a lot still to catch up on.

the house/mouse wars escalated last night. norman schwarzkopf would be proud. we nailed another one last night, though i have a plan on how to prevent them from getting on the roof. one of those nice, slippery synthetic oils applied liberally to the cables and pipes that rest on the side of the house. i can already visualize greased mice ...

you know, for a 'short week', this one's taking forever to drag by. don't know why.