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fri 05 jan 01

no, sorry. i've never run a blog named 'faywray.editthispage.com'. it was 'ARRAY.editthispage.com'. pretty funny, however. you made my day. and with that, i'll sign off.

holy crow. fay wray is still alive, at 90+. you GO, girl.

sunset tonight:

booksonline: castration, an abbreviated guide to western manhood. i love the statement about 'verbal vulgarity being a sign of liberation from bourgeois convention'.

cnn: cloning and the 'frozen zoo'.

sam, i don't know if i can do it. it's not the silly look of the camera; it's that *software*. then again, i think i saw these things at your namesake, sam's club, for really cheap. notice, the barbie website mentions a 15 dollar rebate ... might be able to pick this up for next to nothing!

looking for the cheap barbie digital camera, i came upon this: junk store cameras. exhaustive list of, shall we say, trailer-trash quality photographic devices? get a load of that green imperial mark XII ...

just for the halibut: homer simpson quotes. came up during a search for 'the iliad.' why not?

bbc: hmmm. jeb bush is being asked to appear in connection with an independent investigation into the voting irregularities in florida.

oh. how could i forget? a couple of individuals made some canny guesses, but none on the money. the book i quoted the other day was "falcons of france", original printing 1929, by the two authors who wrote 'mutiny on the bounty' ... charles nordhoff & james norman hall. both happened to have been pilots for the lafayette escadrille in world war one, and wrote this fictional account from their personal experiences. the version i have was my father's, and it has a simply smashing bit of cover art that sent me into flights of fancy as a child. later, it got me very interested in the life and career of charles nungesser. there was a recent tv movie about a young girl uncovering the remains of his transatlantic plane, and befriending his ghost ... not exactly my dream, but close.

a new beta of macsql monitor is up.

everyone's talking 'pay-for' now. go cough up for wpdfd's mini7 font. officially released as a pay-for product, no longer freely downloadable. worth every damned penny, even without all the nice extras they've included. you have to license for pc *or* mac, btw. thanks, splorp!   later: debritto reminds me not to poo-poo monsieur kottke's silkscreen font, and it's still free at the present time.

oh, jeez. anyone remember 'major matt mason'? or 'stoney smith'? how about the daf, the car with 'the rubber band transmission'? you could practically rebuild the engine in your lap ...

us news and world report looks at year one ... 1 a.d.

the art newspaper: the aswan dam changed the water table, having a long term effect on the antiquities in egypt along the nile.

nytimes: mass media recognizing steven ilg, and his fitness regimen. i've followed his book, 'the outdoor athlete' for years. extremely effective, if done religiously. specific recommendations for specific sports.

nytimes: wanna buy a new yugo? remember when cadillac was offering a free yugo if you bought a top line sedan?

nytimes: keeping their '95 vows, republicans replace committee chairs. a propitious move, though i would be happier if previous chairs were barred from any other chairmanship.

reuters: the dotcom deathmarch continues ... etoys, mypoints.com, vault.com, motley fool, mercata, letsbuyit.com.

reuters: bush may oppose stem cell research. go talk to a leukemia patient, george. how about a child? spend a day with them. then decide.

cnn: go get 'em guys. push campaign finance reform.

msnbc: apparently ebay was down for 11 hours, causing withdrawal symptoms across most of the midwestern u.s. ...

sfgate: tipping the playing field with patents.

linuxtoday: the wonderful world of linux 2.4.

linuxplanet: be careful what you wish for.

the register: american men dump sex for computing gadgets.

i really want a digital camera to screw around with; this blog needs some decoration. the video camera just doesn't cut it. been trolling the lower cost ones, came up with this: fujifilm finepix 1300. next expendable income, it's a contender. i keep having this thought in my mind: as soon as there's a ubiquitous cheap digital cam (the digital version of the diana), we ought to do a new 'behind the curtain' type project [not *now*, you instigators. too busy at the moment]. or maybe i ought to grab an intel pocket pc cam, crack it open, stuff it in an oatmeal box, and see if it can pinhole ... can't find anyone who's tried it. this pinhole link's got lots of specs, however ... maybe i can ... hmmm ...

good morning! the sea kayak is now hanging from the garage ceiling, the teak slat outdoor table is now outside the french doors of my office; more room to maneuver in the garage now. we've nailed another mouse. if i can get felt pads under the bookcases in the living room, i can start to unpack my 'library'. progress!

i was going to use the stepladder and crawl on the roof to check a few things out, but the net difference between the top of the ladder and the roofline was more than 4'. i think i'd be risking a broken head on exiting the roof, esp. in the snow. where'd i put those pitons ... (grin).