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sat 06 jan 01

you never know. reading the lyrics to 'st. james infirmary', i find this last link to leave y'all with: talking to cuttlefish.

gabrielle de montmollin's monochrome ... er ... model photography. i *love* this. ah ... i need to spend some immersion time in europe, methinks.

more photo stuff. an interesting monochrome gallery. it'll ask you to download the japanese language pack; just cancel, and view the pix anyway.

sundaytimes: how did i miss this? the swiss may give animals rights as 'beings' and not 'assets.'

nytimes: political cyberhoax. on the one hand, you wonder how anyone could be so gullible. but mix this with the fact that many people think the internet is a definitive research source, and i think we can see that these shenanigans may become more common. this does, however, make me think of george washington hayduke ...

here's one of the sconces i put up. had to take the entire junction box out of the wall and remount/rewire. this is what i was complaining about the other day; it wouldn't have taken them any more time to mount things properly. if i'd tried to mount this beast on the box the way it was, the wrought iron branches would be pointing to 6 o'clock. a keyhole saw, and a little creativity saw this result:

listening to the native american radio station, heard 'the corn dance'. made me think of corn bread slathered in butter.

note to self: don't put guinness stout in the freezer to speed up the cooling process. on opening the can, the little nitrogen thingy doesn't fire off. then again, i could save it for the next time i get the bends ...

that's one thing about being west; i never get tired of the evening color changes. after this picture, the rose color underneath the clouds brightened a bit, then subdued quickly. but the orange/rose color spread across the horizon, pressed downward by the deepening cobalt of approaching night. jupiter was a bright spot, visible just above this frame. another week or so, and we'll have the moon in concert with the sunset again, i believe. wonderful. there isn't a thing i'd rather do than watch a good santa fe sunset.

as promised, this evening's lightshow:

gotta go out again; another fab sunset. i'll see if i can post a pic again. i did get the ice dug away from the driveway about 2/3rds of the way. and did a little shopping. be back in a few.

time to get away and 'be analog'. see you folks later in the day.

nytimes: arthur c. clarke, visionary in 2001.

nytimes: does social status 'seal one's fate'?

nytimes: well, here goes the unravelling of environmental policy. let's hope that occasionally george remembers a 'bush' is a plant ...

discover: restoring harvard's glass botanical specimens.

linuxgazette: setting up gnome.

linuxnovice: book review of 'beginning php4.' i just bought this a week ago; it's excellent. wrox is becoming an everyman's o'reilly.

linuxfocus: slackware, install and configuration, part one and part two.

welcome to saturday! it's the weekend; time to put on the handyman hat. more unpacking. but the good news is that the traps are all empty; maybe the casa is completely 'sans mouse', finally. things to do: more wall patching, paint touchup. contemplating a road trip into town to purchase an extension ladder so i can reach the roof, a few new switchplates, odds 'n' ends.

our neighbors came by and introduced themselves ... a sculptor and a fabric designer. neat! it'll be fun come springtime to see them at their work.

the snow from xmas is still lingering on the ground. long time, for santa fe. usually it's gone in 48 hours, no matter the depth. 'dirty snow', taken for granted on the east coast for weeks, seems to make locals a bit grouchy. they're ready for it to be gone, or a new blanket to settle in.

still arguing in my mind, sam, over that blasted barbie cam ...