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mon 08 jan 01

oh, did i mention that i'm finally getting around to permalinks? look for them in conjunction with a new design in the next coupla weeks.

dan burkholder has a book out on 'making digital negatives for contact printing' ... with your inkjet. i could take you to the page, but you gotta see the turtle image on his front page ...

silveroxide's widened their photoshop plugin range to way beyond just tri-x filters.

how to create black and white 3d stereo photographs with a digital camera and image processing software.

back from the meeting. it would take me pages to go into all the little dirty details. some interesting things came out. apparently before you can built a subdivision in santa fe county, you have to have water rights bought and purchased for 100 years. even the city of santa fe is having problems with that at the moment. of course, i'm sure a lobby to reduce the time requirement will be the next move. the folks who are proposing this development hired a 'professional traffic engineer' to do traffic studies. one energetic elderly resident piped up and mentioned that the survey was done on july 27. why's that important? because the proposed complex is located next to a school. school's out in july. this hardy senior citizen stood out in the cold this morning (around 12 degrees by my thermo) and counted cars for two hours. his results were over double the 'professional traffic engineer.' this is going to get interesting. my next stop: the county office, to get a gander at the master plan ...

gotta go to a community meeting tonight. now that i'm a homeowner, i have to get involved and protect my investment. from what i understand, we have some bozos who want to sidestep water restrictions by buying four or five existing homeplots and putting in an office building ... in the middle of the development. gah. here we go again. got involved in this back in new jersey ... never expected it here.

victory cruises sails 'round the horn and tierra del fuego.

the group f/64 manifesto.

more b&w photography. can't remember where i got this ... george eastman house has 494 eugene atget images on the web.

hey, anyone notice the userland cactus looks like the brooms from disney's 'sorcerer's apprentice' short in fantasia? can't find any stills ... disney copyright, i guess. hey, bryan, you oughta animate 'em.

disney and warner bros. stills. live and animation.

talking to myself. pay no attention.

never fails. photoshopped myself in a corner again. how *am* i going to program this?

it *was* a cool design. all five times.

just joking, of course. well, sort of ...

there's a reason i hide a heavy set of dumbbells in my office ... photoshop has crashed on my creation for the fifth time ... [roar of abject rage] ... start techtool pro ... [*grunt*] ... do some lateral raises, concentration curls ... practicing the taoist technique of redirection ... before i grab this damned thing by the monitor cables, swing it around my head, and dash it against the nearest wall ...

a client just sent me this: volcano world. they even have videos of nighttime eruptions! thanks, michael.

nytimes: eco-terrorism has impact.

nytimes: more antibiotics are being used in farm animals than are being reported.

nytimes: appreciating new york's water supply. a trove of documentation.

louise fili. flash, nice designs. the two-window implementation nags, however.

london review of books: looking at the relationship of feminism to fashion. it's not a closet; it's a 'research archive' ...

dpreview: credit-card sized digital camera coming.

washington post: if noone wants an e-book, why are companies racing to implement them? when pda or e-book software is released that will download and display project gutenberg texts, then we'll have something. for free, no less.

discovery: not just humans compose music. a friend who was a flautist used to play in outdoor areas, attracting songbirds.

the guardian: eminem, "one of the greatest lyricists that pop has recently produced" ...? and this from britain. when i think of great dark lyrics, i think of springsteen's 'nebraska' ... "i guess there's just a meanness in this world." that whole album, recorded on a cassette player. wrong generation, i guess. not danceable, but much more brooding, edgy, dangerous.

the times of london: the mozarts of vienna.

nytimes: the challenges of digital art, in a practical sense.

linuxtoday: xpilot has an effect on young girls?

for mac, new versions of graphicconverter and webdevil.

zdnet: 20,000 cables under the sea. one wonders about the environmental impact. and do they pull them up when they're no longer useful?

audio clip of the sound of space near jupiter.

macweek: investors remain pessimistic over apple. purely looking at product performance (sales vs. pc, sales vs. a year ago), the current record isn't very peachy. keep a watch for the stock low? jobs'll pull it out again. he's not one to sit on his hands for long.

cnet: sony brings out an internet appliance ... get this ... that uses the be operating system!

irish times: websites waiting to die. some the equivalent of those burned-out hulks of cars lingering on roadsides in the bronx ...

ah. mojolin, a linux employment site, has added a zope category.

now i'll go dig around a bit, and find some linkage. the wells have seemed somewhat dry lately.

*mumble* ... shuffle, shuffle ... yep, it's a monday.

i've got a song i haven't thought about in ages running through my head, probably because of the eminem post yesterday:

so unplug the jukebox
and do us all a favor
that music's lost its taste
so try another flavor
antmusic ...