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thu 11 jan 01

that should keep y'all busy for a while ... see ya when i next go vertical ...

the agfa photo galleries. hidden depth.

silent pictures photo gallery. a trove of great stuff. oh, those bathing beauties!

java applet: intelplay qx3 digital microscope simulator.

mtb gallery of mountain bike wounds: arizona pincushion. warm johnson's baby oil and using a sponge or loofah *gently* can help encourage the spines to come out, but you really have to watch out for infection ...

wilson gallery: commute. photo gallery.

listening to steve morse band tonight; a cut with jeff beck, eric johnson, alex lifeson. i want spring to come, now. this kind of music requires speed or physical effort. mtb or motorcycle, 'blades or fins, i don't care. i wanna sweat ...

from the referrer logs: darkwave. everything goth.

ah. and the sanity test. well, they've dubbed me a loony. 69.0909090909091% insane. doesn't everyone have meaningful conversations with ficus trees and drink gasoline? check back with me in a year ... i'm shooting for 100%. someday when i know you all better, i'll tell you the story of the powdered eggs, the milk bone dog biscuits, and the enraged college cafeteria staff ...

martin, you got me interested. who *is* your costumer? i've joined the ranks, in my summer programming outfit ... (grin) ... nothing as comfy as old cotton fatigues, and boots for the cactus!

i need to do more chin-ups. what's happened to my lats?

kind of sad. a retoucher who specializes in 'spouse removal' from photos ...

jeff's got a beauty shot of the g4 unobtainium ...

[laughing out loud] ... apple may not need the ccu yet, but they've got an advocate there. go read alwin's "if it's january, it must be time for FUD." go get 'em, AL!

icab pre2.4. many good fixes.

interactive ancient mediterranean.

the idea of the icon: the retablo collection at nmsu. [frame hell. but good stuff.]

georgia o'keeffe in 'the faraway'.

some historical shots of new mexico. i believe that balconied building in the santa fe plaza shot still stands.

nytimes: the school of paris.

nytimes: not just any old rock ...


book review: the truth about dogs. a mostly negative view of canine companionship. interesting point, out of my own memory banks: during the cholera epidemics in europe, pets had no compunction about dining on their owners after their precipitous deaths. cats, dogs, farm animals (pigs). i still want a collie, though ... later: eric sooros has some suggestions for better reading materials.

boston globe: fight to save martha graham's life work.

national post: burns' 'jazz' makes the artform palatable to the mass market. the companion cd set will no doubt become ubiquitous in finer condos and apartments around the nation. but is that so bad?

miami herald: race relations and the grammys. hard questions.

vnunet: NT remains the most hacked system. IIS 4.0 is being deprecated?

postgresql 7.1b3 is out.

new beta of mactidy. also, one of my staples, 'a better finder rename' is up another version.

windowstracker.com continues to impress. they haven't updated since tuesday. later: like magic, two days appear! will wonders never cease?

if you be in texas, there's a guy wanting to develop oil well planning software for mac os x. or should i say, 'alaska'? (frown of concern)

xmlhack: new version of pyxml.

zdnet: more internet news organizations taking the hit, cutting back ... but not dropping out.

motley fool: the post office and fedex team up. mailed a package december 8, priority mail (overnight), and it arrived december 31. had a nice dinner, courtesy of the post office refund for non-performance.

apparently the library of congress will be posting five million images, documents, soundbites, etc. at american memory.

dale dougherty in webtechniques takes on 'usability experts.' i share his frustrations, but with a different edge. to paraphrase my thoughts (which would take pages and pages to delineate), they may not intend this result, but the usability experts seem to be trying to convince us that a supermarket layout is the best layout for all purposes. everything visible, everything reachable. steel shelves. flourescent lighting. walmart. well, you don't sell armani suits that way, my friends. my advice: know your intended audience. program for them. and remember that usability is only one facet of the entire gem.

later: shelley powers at o'reilly has an article called 'the tyranny of standards' ... taking on not 'usability experts' but 'standards organizations.' it's nice to have speed limits, but we all do 80 when we can, hmmm? which is 'right'?

obviously, eldorado is in a significantly different weather region than santa fe city. guessing weather here is about as reliable as counting on a horoscope. this morning, we've got FOG. who knew? it's lovely, though. it's one of the major things i've missed, being away from new jersey ...