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fri 12 jan 01

11:07 pm mst gmt-7 ... looks something like 5" or so of snow. cars are hushing down the road, lente, lente ...

they showed some great footage on the 10 pm news ... the snow, as it approached western new mexico, arrived in a huge sheet. you could see the edge of the clouds, and the wall of snow approaching, enveloping houses, mesas, mountains. really cool.

9:27 pm mst gmt-7: 2" of snow and counting ...

splatterpunk. is this really adobe?

it's 7:55 mst gmt-7, and it has just started to snow.

unpacking some more boxes, found an old notebook. 1996. poetry and haiku:

alphabet poem, for the election of 1996 ...

archaic bob, crotchety dole,
easily flummoxed,
generally hollow,
implies jingoism.
kemp lingers, moaning nothings over people
quoting republican sexist tripe
ushering votes with xenophonic yammering zealots.

okay, so i wasn't being very objective.

how 'bout this, first attempts at 5-7-5 haiku:

butting her brother
she searches for an udder
too young for butter

not so good. upon my quitting my job in new york city:

to be truly free
civilization's edges
hate and revile me ...

better. but there's an improvement. we did an a/v show for playtex at radio city; after seeing some rather painful looking bustiers, i came up with this:

silky curve of breast
hidden in a torture wire
desiring freedom

'torture wire' ... i love that. one more:

trembling branches
diaphanous ornaments
rushing to the ground

er ... trem-bull-ing, i guess. well, it was fun. the 30 some-odd others are all over the place. always wanted to add photos to them. on second thought, i'd best keep my day job ... (smile) ...

it's been one of those days. got tons of stuff that needs doing, but the energy just isn't there. the spark needs kindling. i need to quench my soul-thirst at the spring of creativity. i'm sure most have noticed the increase in photo links here. i think i need to spend some time with the visual again, lighting and composition. i've lived with words on this weblog now for over a year; perhaps the balance is off. too much yin, not enough yang? hopefully i can spring for a digital camera soon (even if a barbie cam). i do better photography with a limited feature set anyway ...

the sandia crest is 10-11,000 feet high. just for reference.

hey you californians. keep your weather. i can see the clouds just starting to build over the sandia range to the west. gallup already has 2" of snow. we're still in the sun, for the moment ...

they just announced on the local television network that senator pete domenici is in the hospital; he apparently had a bad reaction to pain medication. supposedly he'll be out in a couple of days.

international railway links.

the museum of bad art: 'art too bad to be ignored.'

national archives and records administration: photographs of the west. some are surprised that 'dances with wolves' was quite accurate in some aspects ...

the mccord museum of canadian history.

the view-master home page. remember the 3d viewer? still being made ... and if you're into stereographic photography, fisher-price will mount custom viewmaster reels for you ... for a price.

reuters: internet is bigger than the insurance industry, and will continue to grow in spite of current doom-and-gloom market corrections.

webground. if you don't have the capability, or the time, to make backgrounds for your web pages. digging deeper, there are actually some interesting ideas here ...

stashed away in a box, i found dole canned mandarin orange segments. i've discovered a mild addiction ...

as the power problems get more press, how will this news impact the webhosting industry in california? if you need fail-safe, it doesn't look like a good bet at the moment.

*that's* the word i've been looking for. mass media overuses melodrama ... extravagant theatricality.

national reports seem to be forecasting heavy snows in the southwest; local forecasts are for between 2 and 6 inches. no big deal. sun's shining right now, and it's about 40. nice.


hmmm. mac's still acting strange, particularly during program shutdowns. i think it must be heat; the accelerator card and the 10,000 drive are jacking the internal heat up. even in a cool room, it's just not enough. techtool keeps telling me everything's hunky-dory, but i keep getting type 3 errors from time to time ...

ny times book review: true history of the kelly gang. sounds decent.

ny times book review: inspired sleep. unhappy? take a pill ...

cnn: elmore leonard is going to give the e-book theory a tryout ...

cnn: somehow, you would imagine that any idiot would realize that depleted uranium, no matter how effective, would be a bad idea. they're now going to put up *signs* to keep people away from the hotter areas in the balkans.

sorry; all the news seems somewhat denatured, uninteresting today. don't know why. probably just me.

new york observer: anxiety amidst plenty.

boston phoenix: in a recession, colleges feel the pinch.

new york observer: how to determine if the art you're looking at is po-mo, neo-this, post-neo that ...

times of india: elevating jeanne moreau.

bbc: circle of wood appears near seahenge in britain.

newsforge: discussing the linux 2.4 kernel. the big question in most minds: how easy to update from one kernel to another, in re: the desktop user, not a programmer?

internet week: looking at ebay's persistent problems, and solutions.

also, ebay's policy changes enrage about six million people ...

i could point you to at least 500 time-warner/aol stories, but why would you want to read about it all over again?

zdnet: metrowerks preparing to help with the os x transition. aqua is the sticking point.

bbc: i linked to a story about this a while ago. the american military is developing powered exoskeletons for troops.

clear, sunny. 16 degrees. ran out of milk. but it's friday ...