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sat 13 jan 01

remember the flashcube? looks like virtually noone sells flashbulbs anymore, much less large ones. they used to be a great, low-cost way to light up a large area ... plus you got the added benefit of burning your fingers and retinas to a crisp ...

film for antique cameras. 620, 127, etc. i've got a couple of old bellows models here ... hmmm ...

before digging commenced:

smithsonian's national portrait gallery.

not much new to post this evening. town's a mess of ice and snow, as one would expect. i got mad at some dude who had his poor dog in the back of his pickup on the interstate (it *is* only in the teens, degree-wise), but got told to buzz off ...

i found this link earlier this week, saved it for the weekend. horrifying, heart-wrenching, shameful. it's worthy of some reflection: without sanctuary: a photographic history of lynching in america.

well, it's a late start then. time to make waffles, and then begin to dig. see you all later.

george eastman house timeline of photography.

time exposure, william henry jackson.

photographic historical society of canada.

stereoviews of germany.

photography in new york.

nytimes: a new quaker meeting house.

nytimes: book review of 'constantine's sword'.

nytimes: controversy over depleted uranium continues. i remain skeptical. have they done trials, tests?

the financial times lambasts science fiction writers for not being more creative in the area of ... you guessed it ... markets and economies of the future. sourpuss.

nybooks: the attempt to polish up joe mccarthy.

the vatican library archives.

the art newspaper: new year's rockets destroy part of the hermitage in st. petersburg.

newsbytes: our 'los alamos hacker' ... did he, or didn't he?

linux journal: book review, 'professional apache.' looks like wrox scores again.

ebnews: sun's cobalt and amd athlon? we like speed. we like reliability.

icewalkers: a version update for wine.

well, the sun's shining again. clouds are racing west to east over the sangre de cristo's, just north of us. low enough that you can see the bottom of the mountains, but the tops are obscured. looks like we got somewhere around 8"; traffic is flowing on the main roads at a reasonable clip. but the wind is blowing, and the dry snow is drifting (it's 10 degrees). looking out my front window, my heart sunk when i saw a 3' snowdrift at our front gate. i fear a 4' or higher one is awaiting me on the west side of the house, in front of the garage. therefore, my postings here may be a little more thin than normal; i've got some *real work* to do ...