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mon 15 jan 01

it's 11:55 pm mst gmt-7, and it has just begun to snow. which means, of course, that i can sleep late ... see you folks tomorrow.

for hal, early steam engines.

gwanna dig around in my camera stuff a bit, and wait for the snow. want some hot chocolate?

zerozine, photography and literature.

nimslo camera images.

i may do this: grand canyon field institute, photography.

homemade pinholes ... even one made out of a latex paint can.

bender 4x5 pinhole camera kit. also links to their kit view cameras.

women in the french revolution.

a physicist explains how to get a balsa 'sleek streak' to fly straight ...

step back, cliff notes ... 'essayfinder.com'.

mfa boston: 'dangerouscurves', the art of the guitar. an online preview of 28 guitars ...

metropole paris ... casual news, and some photography of bistros and such ... nice feel.

8:38 pm mst gmt-7 ... couldn't even drive straight, for all the wind. the sky is half obscured by clouds; stars to the east, big sheets of underlit cotton candy over santa fe to the west. they're saying the snow will start around midnight. all that's left is the waiting ...

6:30 pm mst gmt-7 ... the wind, she's howlin' in the riggin'. and i have to go into town to get some grey markers ...

the clouds are forming to the west, very much as they were the other day. batten down the hatches; wind's up. snow's on the way ...

the story of private john g. burnett, soldier on the trail of tears.

dot-bomb. not 'failing dot-com'. perfect.

zapwerk siteyard, 'tactical content management'. white paper, data sheet.

topozone.com's pretty cool.

winter storm watch for santa fe. we're in the foothills of the sangre de cristo range, exactly south. don't know whether the eastern side accumulations will be realized.

the albuquerque journal has an article mentioning that the military has relaxed standards and will now allow reservists and national guard to work directly with the nuclear stockpiles. now that's a comforting thought.

just in case you were concerned, linuxppc boots on the g4-ti.

canal boating in the u.k. and europe.

antique tractor photo archive. here's a buffalo.

great plains restoration council.

reuters: iraq to donate $94 million to americans below the poverty line.

nytimes: the morning-after pill goes otc in britain.

cnn: environmentalist, gird thyself.

cnn: use of depleted uranium could be prosecuted as a 'war crime' ...

in time for martin luther king day, washington university has posted the dred scott case documents.

nytimes: confessions of a lonely atheist.

variety: the anti-defamation league gives rare kudos to 'chocolat'. does your religion, or culture, respect 'the other'? do you hold them on an equal plane, or subordinate them? then again, as 'net programmers, how do we feel about non-programmers, or ... for heaven's sake ... just plain websurfers?

the new republic rips up ken burns' "jazz" ... at this point, is it analysis anymore? it's beginning to feel like crows hopping on the overlarge chunk of roadkill ...

la times: for inauguration, bush passes on the poetry. high-falutin' analysis, but the reality may be more simple. maybe george was also tortured in high school english class with interminable readings of 'the lovesong of j. alfred prufrock' ... ?

chronicle of higher ed: america's bestselling poet is from the 13th century ... rumi.

linuxgazette: learning perl, part one.

hostal 1.0 for mac and windows, local ip mapping tool.

win32 script depot ... strange operation, but interesting tidbits.

matrix sequels in trouble?

phpbuilder: best practices, database abstraction.

zdnet: web kiosks not successful.

'hacking' big mouth billy bass.

python-url for jan 15.

looking at other news, i ran into this: british scientists have developed immune system cells that kill leukemia cells. this is great news.

how to buy a snow shovel. i don't know ... both plastic and metal are snapping in our 9 degree cold (plus windchill) ...

good morning. unexpected weather ... they're forecasting *three days* of snow here, starting tonight. i've already broken the handles off of most of my scooping and sweeping devices; i'll have to see who's open today ...