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thu 18 jan 01

i'm zwibbled out. don't even ask. good night, all.

revue photographie. french. it'll take me a day or so to look through all the ideas here ...

kinda sneaky use of backgrounds at imagesystem.it ... fashion photography. if it moved, i would have thought it was flash. then again, i'm sleepy.

using a view camera as an enlarger; the last comment is best. buy an enlarger, chum.

fish eye view cam. check in the morning; it's night there now.

missed this, via dangerousmonkey: rutger hauer, on bladerunner. if you're a fan, you've GOT to read this ...

sometimes reuter's 'human interest' section sounds like the darwin awards ... just too bizarre for words.

cnn: tower of pisa will reopen in june. lean is beautiful.

bbc: proving speciation, part of evolutionary theory.

fortune: freebies aren't forever. er ... you can always hand-code. you really don't *need* pitas, blogger or manila (or others). setting the value for a convenience item in the present dicey dot-bomb economy is the trick, however. via calebos.

nytimes: ms. whitman, drive across the country before you think about relaxing truck emissions standards, or leaving it up to states. want to send the airline industry into a tailspin? there are no emissions controls on airplanes. just mention it in the airport next time you're there ... you'll probably get lynched.

cnn: some labels, in lieu of liability actions, are downright silly. our litigious society seems to have made these necessary, however. heal thyself.

cnn: jesse jackson reveals a 20 month old child out of wedlock. i would be more impressed if he had admitted this while the mother was still pregnant, and that he had not moved because of tabloid threats.

new statesman: comic books get deeper. less cream puff ... now edgy.

nytimes: sundance expected more new voices from the digital arena. there'll be a lag time. traditional artists took a while to transition from brush and pen to adobe illustrator and macromedia freehand ... and it always begs the question, is the art any better, or is it just digital-output ready and more cost-effective?

economist uk: what makes a prodigy, miracle or hard work? is the value different?

zdnet uk: divx goes open source. video napster?

excitenews: netpost.certified.

linuxpr: denver, end of february, intensive three-day 'python for programmers.'

evil3d.net: phatlinux ain't the only linux dance partner for those not wishing to partition. don't forget dragonlinux.

zdnet uk: the first move of time/warner & aol may be to raise service prices ... which may echo across all 'net isps.

cnbc: yahoo-viacom?

upside.com: satellite phones on the ropes. cost of technology is higher than what the public will pay, seemingly. [that may also apply to power in california, neh?]

zdnet: $200 rebates on the topline imacs. fire sale? if they want to move real volume, they should have dropped the price on the low-end imac. people would come out of the woodwork for an imac that's cheaper than an e-machines windows box, imho.

pcworld: windows media player skins are a security hazard.

well, 2001 is just flying by. where did the beginning of january go? all of a sudden, many deadlines loom. my intended redesign for this site has done a one-eighty, and is accelerating down a completely different, much more interesting path. i feel this year is going to be a year of contrasts, of roads taken and abandoned, of false starts and happy endings.

now if i can just find my cerebellum. i know i went to bed with it ...