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sat 20 jan 01

render unto caesar ...

for a democrat, the bush inauguration comes hard. rather than be bitter, i refrain from weblogging for the rest of the day. time to focus on other things: fixing tile, taking a walk, taking pictures ...

watching the inaugural speech. i never thought i'd say this about a president of the united states ... i dearly wish he could speak english properly.

a question for analysts: is the economy slowdown due to the impending changeover in washington, fear of governmental change ... or is it because of economic indicators set long ago? chicken or the egg? best to think about it now, before revisionists get a hold of it.

nytimes: trashing the first lady's inaugural gown. i hope we're not back to bouffant hairdos and afternoon teas with our first lady. hilary gave the role a severe update, but a needed one. a compromise is in order, neh?

nytimes: cleopatra, career woman. patriarchy, until recently, has always seemed an automatic assumption. many finds really should be reexamined ...

cnn: looks like leonard peltier didn't make the list. last minute presidential pardons.

the american enterprise: interview with shelby foote.

wired looks at fair use and copyright issues.

the standard: too funny. now that the dot-bomb economy is here, wither latte, cappucino and espresso? will everyone go back to their 'bunn-o-matic'?

linuxtoday: jython released. java + python, as one would imagine from the name ...

mac: site fetcher, and add-on for the software formerly known as anarchie (interarchy), looks interesting.

windows: ws_ftppro is up to 7 beta 3, and swish 2 is out.

applelinks: mac sales, for the last three months of 2000, were down 52% over 1999. bad, bad news. on another train of thought, os x is appealing to geeks ... but consumers could care less. the transition to os x would be rocky in the best of circumstances (look at system 8, arguably a less drastic change), and one would think a comfortable pad of cash would be advisable. with the company in a seeming financial bind, i perceive the next few months for apple as being *real* tightrope walking.

upside: another article on kurzweil.

and of course, as seen on the always-excellent zopenewbies, a new beta 2 of zope 2.3.

motley fool: top five lamest excuses for slow sales.

o'reilly: the php configuration file.

inauguration day. enjoy the party ... might as well. we environmentalists are going to be working overtime for the next four years. the sooner the federal government advocates alternative energy sources ... clean, sound ones ... the better.