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tue 23 jan 01

sergey and data mining.


i can dig it. the green eye project. one guess what color mine are.

apogee mag likes the casio 3000 digicam, esp. with the ibm 340 mb microdrive. dp review says 'above average.'

adam jahiel: vanishing american cowboy. b&w's. nice.

fine art travel photos.

jean vallete, evanescence. human figure, fine art.

accidental magic. slow to load.

soviet medium format cameras.

this is the only guy i've seen still selling mercury px625 batteries for the yashicamat. guess we'll have to use our luna pros ...

guide to the rolleiflex tlr.

shooting nature with the yashicamat 124g tlr.

optical quality, 35 vs. 645 vs 2 1/4 square.

i'm sorry. it's been cloudy this afternoon. gets me depressed. i have a tendency towards SAD; that's part of why i moved to santa fe ... i worship sun.

school vouchers. everyone's talking theory, nobody's using case studies. all the links i find seem to be biased. does anyone have any list of voucher programs ... *successful* voucher programs? milwaukee seems to not have performed well. cleveland got sidetracked. who else is doing it?

i don't know if it's just winter, the impending economic and political uncertainties, or what ... but i feel a distinct chill. a chill that has replaced that warm, wired, fuzzy feeling we had a year ago in weblogland. maybe it's just the second law of thermodynamics.

mediainfo: recession to the point of obsession.

the atlantic: bill clinton and his consequences. 14 essays at the bottom of the article.

"i will follow the white man's trail. i will make him my friend, but i will not bend my back to his burdens." -- many horses.

globe and mail: when religion and government meet. girl gets whipped 100 times for premarital sex in nigeria. it's not solely a muslim issue. we in our nice safe american homes look at that in horror ... 'that could never happen here!' but christian missionaries were doing this -- and worse -- to native american children right up into the 60's. the 1960's, that is. sadly, each missonary school has its lonely graveyard, populated by those too young to die. i guess, in 1819, when congress began approving monies for missionary schools, you could call it the first breach of church and state, though nobody gave a damn.

telegraph: looks like britain will move ahead with cloning human embryos.

times of india: purifying ourselves.

economist: the beautiful and the dutiful, the 50's vs. the 60's. a similar view in re: hal's 'tribe' article ...

me and george. metacrawler's got me listed as #7 for 'anti-intellectualism' ...

cnn: january 23 was the 100th anniversary of radio! happy birthday!

nytimes: venus continues to mystify.

reuters: more dot-bomb hedging. sounds like cnet's gathering their eggs back, compressing their deal with zdnet.

cnn: petty, but worthy of a chuckle. exiting white house staffers removed all the 'w' keys from their keyboards ...

cnn: sad statement ... "ordinary folks can't afford to come to washington and work in government." i think that one comment perfectly explains what is wrong with the federal government.

i'm sorry, but i think showing the 'internet adoption' twins' picture is in very poor taste. these kids will have their own lives. put a face on the parents and the authorities, but leave the kids alone. adoption's hard enough to handle on its own.

new statesman: victorian britain.

washington post: book review, bing crosby, pocketful of dreams.

egg sounds interesting.

nytimes: it seems 'spirituality' is the latest buzzword.

wired: people pony up for concerts via 'net. pay-per-view works. why shouldn't this? the only issue is bandwidth, of course.

vunet: palm password pilfering. when you're wireless, know your neighbors.

edward felten's site. smdi.

dr. dobbs technetcast: on nautilus.

for mac folks who just can't tweak enough: desktop db diver, freeware.

freshmeat: webmin is up to 0.84.

webreference: persuasion and web survival.


linuxprogramming.com: python 2.1 alpha 1.

zend php tools go on sale today. woof! commercial prices are up there ...

netcraft has a list of sites, and what servers they're hosted by. this blog is in the .com section under zope.

more snow! about and inch and a half, to two inches. still overcast, maybe even a bit foggy. rumor has it that we may be out of our drought, once the snows melt in the spring. but what the hey ... keep the snow coming for a bit. a little extra can't hurt ...