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wed 24 jan 01

'all the pretty horses' was a pretty good film. the whole first ten minutes looked like areas around santa fe and northern new mexico. even though set in the late 40's, i can pretty safely say the mexican border towns haven't changed much.

carnival of venice; other travel photography.

simple, to-the-point. i admire that.

google celebrates chinese new year (probably only tonight).

going to see 'all the pretty horses' tonight, so further postings will be a bit thin. i'm a sucker for horses and brunettes, not necessarily in that order. hey, i have a life outside of blogging, believe it or not.

intellectual capital: as nasty as you want to be. thought this might be apropos in light of the backchannel discussion some of us have been sharing about 'ordinary people' in washington, d.c.

cnn: galapagos. this makes me ill. raise the tour prices further to help pay for cleanup; if less people come, all the better ...

update: whereas mozilla 0.7 keeps crashing my win2k laptop, i'm actually grooving on it over on the mac side. still some wonkiness, but i seem to be having heat problems with the cpu ...

mother jones: a lot of 'fun' election links here. makes me want to wear that bizarre hat 'doc' wore in the first 'back to the future' ... and plug myself in to a wall socket.

santa fe new mexican: cross country skiing? nah. let's get elk hunting set up first. management of the baca ranch. [linkrot; good for 12 hrs.]

cnn: an artist emulates the old masters. every two or three years, in art school, you run into an individual who can mimic old world styles almost exactly.

dave at times shadow gently nudges me on a misperception about children and homework. i am very concerned about education; thanks for the redirection. i take back my earlier statements, with sincere apologies. i wonder about years prior to the wars; children probably went to school, and then went home to chores, not homework.

the curmudge: happy new year! happy *chinese* new year, year of the snake.

hmmph. struck a nerve, huh? al, martin, david, craig, jonas, mike. six different views of the 'chill'. different, yet similar. to my mind, shows that we've been suffering from koyaanisqatsi; living on borrowed time in the midst of massive technological and societal upheaval. the balance is now returning, and we're in that uncertain doddering resettlement phase, seeking that day-to-day equilibrium. but the world has changed, in more than just the internet; there's no going back. "two roads diverged in a wood, and i ... i took the road less traveled by ... and that has made all the difference." [thanks, mr. frost] my heart already beats to the pace of walking briskly down that different road ... i just haven't found the trailhead yet.

nytimes: a photojournalist tour through the balkans.

sunday times: stephen jay gould on why science and religion seldom get along.

sfgate: san francisco arts groups fight back for affordable real estate.

the art newspaper: icollector and ebay team up to sell fine art on the internet. poor timing, methinks. selling luxury items in a downward economy? see the lyrics below ...

globe and mail: technological beethoven. an electronic player piano.

missed this: apache today, apache under windows.

cnet: double click is free again. look out for cookies.

cryptome: content protection.

hackernews is now 'security news network' ... snn.

linuxorbit: linux kde kword is not as stable as one would think.

linuxworld: when should you use php?

"you've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away ... and know when to run." -- that advice is even more important in the current economic climate ...

etown: iomega's still trying to find a market for the hipzip ...

sciencedaily: cassini photographs the invisible. jupiter.

yahootech: cisco wireless broadband networking.

the register: jordan has 105 internet cafes on one street.

xml-journal: multimedia slide shows with smil.

computeruser.com: first successful linux virus reported. are they disappointed, or happy?

once again, if anyone has a link to *successful* school voucher programs (other than milwaukee or cleveland), i'd appreciate a pointer. i'd also like to find out what the catholic schools think about this idea, since they are bearing the brunt of the exodus from public schools.

sam devore left a note, pointing to the visibone popups. thanks, bud!

there's a line of clouds, looking like a bowl of milk, at the base of the mountains down by madrid. fluffy milk. my adjectives are failing to convey my impressions; i'll try again another time.