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fri 29 jan 26

last post of the eve ... the wind just blew over a 60 pound patio table. flipped it right over in the air. went outside and did some creative reorganization, with heavy rocks to weight things down. who knows what i'll find in the morning ...

the southwest, in black and white.

michael going. sx70.

dozens of daguerrotypes.

fotoamore; photos of italy. dig around.

snow in the evening forecast again, and the wind is whipping around. had to take the windchimes down; the ringing was driving me nuts, and i was concerned that they'd damage the adobe.

charles cramer, large format landscapes. beautiful.


bodyscapes. nudity, taken a little more lightly ...

beryls free photographs. stock.

note: zope 2.3.0 installed over my old version beautifully [playing on my laptop], absolutely no problems.

various cosmetics use bone meal and animal byproducts. the fda cannot test foreign cosmetics for BSE (mad cow disease). you may be a vegetarian, but your facial moisturizer may be a greater factor than a hamburger ...

time: colin powell in state. fluffy journalism; but catch the last paragraph. here is where the rubber meets the road.

ha-ROOO ... zope 2.3.0 is out.

meeting with adam right now, in albuquerque.

gotta drive down to albuquerque today; anybody need anything? buggy whips? broom handles? barstools?

cnn: besides india, there was a minor earthquake in ohio. though, somehow i doubt it was minor to those folks. best part: check the url! 'oklahoma.quake'. [phhhhtttt!!] they also have it under it's correct url, here.

speaking of 'mad cows', here's a somewhat different 'show jumper' than one is normally used to ...

time: mad cow disease risk in america. i thought there was an outbreak in arizona a few years ago; can't find the link now.

la times: morality and the photographer.

globe and mail: the movie industry is selling like crazy, but losing money?

it amazes me that our politicians on the one hand can promote letting the private sector police themselves, and then with the next, have to spend our tax dollars to clean up the mess they've been allowed to perpetuate. deregulation. environment. the mainstream press. hollywood. wise up; corporations are machines. they care only for their own survival. they employ people, but do not function as a human does. to believe that a corporation has a conscience is naive. a 'compassionate corporation'? don't make me laugh. time and time again, we've seen the resulting 'profit over people' philosophy. with a new bush in office, i can't help but reflect that the reagan 80's, and ivan boesky's statement 'greed is good', still resonate ... even though we're still paying the reagan deficit, and boesky's in jail. oversight is necessary.

yahoo/reuters: senators will police hollywood.

the guardian: what *did* lennon draw? then again, he was going through his 'shock' stage. it's probably pretty predictable now.

the independent: mona lisa's been banished to her own room.

washington post: travelocity records exposed.

mozillaquest: linux for windows users.

the guardian: explaining the free software movement. the 'net wouldn't exist without the selfless efforts of thousands ...

the guardian takes a closer look at the various white house pranks left for mr. bush. did noone do the 'bucket of confetti over the door' trick?

xml.com points to headlineviewer.

newsforge: the ec is looking at cd price fixing.

newsforge: ez publish 2.0 beta.

techweb: clearinghouse for security issues.

charismac releases discribe 4.0, cd burning software. there's a five-burn demo.

internet news: when your paradigm fails, what do you do? rename it! dot com turns into e-business.

the register: wife of lord burford slams aristocracy. sounds like courtney love at a proper british tea ... (grin) ...

geeknews points to a 'free 5 button optical mouse' ... hoax?

slept funny. feel like my jaw's about five inches to the left, left collarbone about three inches too low. maybe a hot shower will get everything back into place again ...