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mon 29 jan 01

it's parallel universe time again ...

oh joy. life is even more complete. darva's house.

harpo and salvador dali would be proud this day: i'm listed in google under 'linux kernel corsets'. i can now die in peace, knowing my contribution to mankind is complete.

horse photos. mmmm. andalusians. plug your ears; tacky music loop.

photometro has a selection of ralph gibson's photos.

gallery serow. japan. ie asks for language packs; cancel, view anyway.

johnson photography; the great plains.

lost trails.

reuters: leonard peltier speaks out on clinton's pardons. read 'in the spirit of crazy horse' ...

csm: the building blocks of life may have formed *before* earth.

new republic: bush/gore redux, reanalysis.

new republic: this could be *fun*. cheney's an interventionist, powell's not. who's the boss?

lookie what you can do at ehonda ...

cnn: garrick utley looks briefly at penance in our time.

i'm at the top, the beginning of a large project. how i lay things out now will dictate how easy or hard my life will be in months to come. an interesting time to sit back and reflect over how many other starts like this i've been through, and how certain 'great ideas' at inception cost me hours and days later. but, as usual, with great good humor, i start gleefully implementing my latest set of good ideas and forge ahead. [alter ego: thank god for multi-file grep search-and-replace.]

the guardian: the new library of alexandria.

the independent: suing and mooing.

the nation: future of the public intellectual.

variety: digital rights.

cnn: 'akira' is being readied for re-release.

nytimes: 'bushies' vs. 'reaganites'. reaganites are 'geeks'?! what's the world coming to ...

skeptical inquirer: what exactly are the 'laws of nature'?

an incremental apache update today. 1.3.17.

mac: screen catcher 2.2 ... takes snapshots of entire screens, even if they don't fit in your screen window.

editeur, windows code editor. pretty spare interface (which is, of course, attractive to idiots like myself) ...

securityfocus: web apps pose security threat.

securityfocus: BIND holes are trouble.

linuxorbit: looking at the 'mouseless' midnight commander.

caldera volution kills the ramen worm.

la times: america and italy to cooperate on cloning a human being.

designing urls.

cnet: new palm?

folks seem to like 'redshift 4', astronomy program.

cbsnews: go.com on the ropes. i have a 'net accelerator program that in the free version, redirects to a go.com search page. the page is now gone ...

geeknews: explorer 6 beta leaked on the web? download link, too.

zdnet: napster switches tracks to a pay-for model by summer.

guess what? more snow. santa fe ski basin got another 13"-24" just from this storm alone. we got about 4". they closed i-40 between albuquerque and the arizona border. and what's going to happen wednesday? hmm? nuff said. i think the drought is over.