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tue 30 jan 01

found via dp review's 'nikon talk' discussion group: an individual took his 990 to longwood gardens.

lost my motivation for linkage tonight; gotta get some shuteye. got too many things rattling around in the braincase ...

feel like a voyeur at photopoint.

marathoncomputer. mac racks.

nova tonight was particularly excellent. recovery of a vanished airliner. at some point, those in seattle may be able to help me out. my uncle's snj vanished there in a snowstorm in 1946. folks have searched, but never found, even a trace. we've theorized glaciers, puget sound, you name it. maybe, like this program, wreckage will show up on a glacier somewhere and put a family mystery to rest.

having a hard time getting through to weblogs.com and editthispage.com sites today. maybe it's the snowdrifts to the west ...

also, cnn's trying a new layout again. even smaller type.

amazon announces cutbacks. *every one* of my clients watches the moves of amazon. this is going to hurt, methinks. then again, to spin it in the other direction, they've overextended anyway. an adjustment was overdue ... [rationalize, garret, rationalize].

hunh? ... i'm #2 for 'earrings for guys to buy'?!!

thanks to craig: spinning 'pieces of the sky', emmylou harris. 'till i gain control again.' beautiful.

nytimes: watergate was a john dean op?

nytimes: 'rain rage'.

reuters: design exhibition showcases conservation of energy.

cnn: copying mtv, a kid torches himself. i say it again, in the absence of any other direct experience, children will believe what they see. warnings be damned. they should try an experiment ... mtv should air an episode showing how to blow up mailboxes, and post warnings. see how many kids copy the show around the nation ... what do *you* think will happen? be honest, now.

new statesman: capitalist inequity. is michael jordan worth one year's salary for 30,000 indonesian sneaker-assemblers?

washington post: the age-old argument ... is great art born of creativity, or adaptation to illness? drives me crazy. a piece of art always meant something completely different to the artist themselves; attempting to put a modern meaning, finding a genesis *now*, is an exercise in futility. did van gogh's epilepsy medication cause him to bias toward yellow? if it did, does it change what i had for breakfast? does it make 'sunflowers' less beautiful? less valuable? it does bring up an interesting idea, however. in our prozac-drenched, plastic-surgery world, will there ever be 'great art' again?

the guardian: take another look at medea. ah, today's controversy is yesterday's *and* tomorrow's normality ...

the guardian: davos annoints napster.

economist: looking at wireless networking. an interesting read.

securityfocus: directv shuts 'em down ... for the moment.

linuxworld: the warp and woof of data storage.

mac: update to strata 3d pro, 3.03. fixes many bugs. once again, if you use strata, check out maxxon cinema 4d. you'll like it, and the service, better.

a new windows commander is out, a norton commander clone.

zdnet ii: earthlink posts loss, somewhat less than expected.

java.sun.com: metrowerks to supply development tools for symbian platform. [wireless]

enterpriselinuxtoday: zeus web server doubles performance with linux 2.4.

the register: european telco reform is failing.

zdnet: linux: live free or die. i *like* that. gratuitous sticker coming.

xmlhack: patent threat for w3c spec. speaking of 'llano estacado', "staked plain" ...

mac central: new mac tombraider in the works.

itdirector: dsl and the broadband bottleneck.

sun this morning! been a while, with all this snow flying around. cold. supposed to reach 0 tonight, with even more snow in the forecast, though nothing like this weekend. 285's still closed between vaughn and roswell. open llano estacado down there; drifts. two years ago, the drifts were over 12 feet high.