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thu 01 feb 01

haughey: the story behind pyra/blogger.


a welsh celtic artist.

the toppenish mural society.

a trompe l'oeil mural artist. note the name ...

a studio in st. petersburg that copies 'old master' paintings.

i keep hearing hal 9000 saying ... "my mind is going" ... and feeling that doppler shift as the voice slows down ...

techno-impressionism, the 'last art movement of the 20th century.'

i think i've been looking for this site for quite a long time: the international poster gallery. vintage, international, with a great search engine.

cnet: a website will give away free utilities. erk.

red herring: the future of satellite. when they tout hughes, they forget hughes puts bandwidth restrictions on use ... the startups should do well, with any sort of real business model ...

i'm burned. this one project is breaking my brain. every time i turn around, it's requiring twists and turns in programming ... i find myself ending up having to go into places i didn't want to go. overextended? not programmatically, just brain-space wise. too many little details to trip over. you'd have to be here to understand. i need sleep, but i'd sleep better knowing i was 'over the hump' with this problem ... so i keep beating my head up against the wall. i'll get there ... eventually.

i'll nose around mac options later.

myfavorites caches your fave web pages on your local drive, you set the refresh parameters. windows.

watznew is a scriptable device for monitoring website changes. windows.

an oldie but goodie: phil greenspun's 'how to make money on the internet.' more and more of us are going to be thinking along these lines ...

... and then there was one.

nytimes: looking at a desert house in tucson.

hey, i *like* dogs; i just never turn my back on some breeds.

nytimes: dog attack in san fran. not so bizarre. what do you think of when they say the word 'mastiff'? i've been on the 'tooth end' of too many 'aw, but they're sweethearts' attack breeds. and *every* time, the owners have blamed me for the attack, as if it is *my* responsibility to know the dog's nature. in three of my dogbite circumstances, i didn't even *know* there was a dog around ... until the blood began to flow. i am horrified for this poor woman, and can picture all too clearly her last moments. once they get you on the ground, they try to rip your neck open ...

nytimes: california resists buying electricity. interesting ... the third paragraph seems to tell the story. by 1996 law, california utilities had to divest themselves of their power plants, but the same law prohibited a rise in consumer prices. surely there were warnings before the situation escalated to this level.

dissent: deconstructing modern views of the civil war.

the guardian: the art of adapting great novels to the screen. 'yo, juliet ... gonna give some up?' spare me.

village voice: photography is finally gaining it's place in the art world.

ny post: famous works in museums are forgeries?

slate has some suggestions for jazz artists to hang an ear on, too contemporary to get into ken burns' documentary.

security informer: 'according to statistics', a good article.

msnbc: nortel tracking and routing. loss of privacy?

satirewire: linux should call it quits, on microsoft's say-so.

newsforge looks at running dual 1.2 ghz athlons.

beta 5 of fetch 4.0 is available.

fuji's 1300 digicam has been a price/performance leader. they're following up with a new model, probably out in april.

mac nn: a gif workaround for dreamweaver 4 in os 9.

accountancy age: europe's internet sector halves in value.

osopinion: jeff raskin on os x.

silicon.com: win a handspring visor deluxe.

the register: susan will love this. the guy who programs 'the brain' software is patenting a 'thought process.'

mac central: view nautilus from your mac. that'll be fun.

xmlhack: new javascript parser and tiny xsl.

opera will make free versions of its browser for linux *and* mac. i like opera, but there's a two-year old feel about it. maybe i've got internet explorer's key equivalents too ingrained ...

i refuse to look at the dictionary, but no matter which way i spell 'weird', with the 'i' before 'e' or the 'e' before 'i', in courier typeface they both 'look wrong.'

in bed at 1, up at 6. i'm crawling to the coffee maker, begging for enlightenment. i know, john, i should look elsewhere. but i unwisely took off on my rant of yesterday, and ignored the real production requirements of the day. now i pay. in spades.