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fri 02 feb 01

hal, zhuang-zhi is smiling on you. better to be unnoticed; being widely recognized is 'inauspicious' ... (grin).

payphones of the world. classic.

rear view mirror; america and the car.

disfarmer: portraits from rural '40's america.

photomatisme. see if you figure out the interface; took me a minute. when in doubt -- wing that mouse around ...

found photos. *nice* site. nice.

zorn gallery, vosges and strasbourg.

... using a scanner as a camera.

headhunter helmets. gawd, this is for blackholebrain. look at that helmet on the right. wow. not bad ... i've saved all kinds of money by gaffer-taping my videocamera to my bike helmet ...

"the last photo ever taken of the titanic." it even *looks* like it's sailing into oblivion ...

old paris match covers for sale. more vintage french photography if you dig deeper ...

a dutch site on leicas.

cnn: the dog owners speak out. hello?! any connection with reality? forget the owners. ask the kids in the neighborhood about the character of the dogs *and* the owners.

'course, being taken out to lunch means more when you've worked your butt off the night before, and been too tired to even put a box in the microwave to make dinner.

it's been a busy day. very busy! got a new, really fun project to work on. a photographer's site. i always love to work with good visuals. plus, he bought me lunch. feed me, and i'll do anything for you ...

hey! at 6 pm mst gmt-7, earthlink now reaches this site. ya-hooo.

okay, check this out. i can get to dangerousmeta.com on my local isp, but on earthlink, i'm hosed. make sense? pah.

soy milk + hot coffee = effervescent coffee. probably dissolves tooth enamel too ...

parts of dangerousmeta don't work with the dns being hosed, because of ingrained programming habits. i'm getting a lot of this:

... mainly because of hard-coding urls. dumb. but i really enjoy the "OPPS." makes me feel better ...

nytimes: alfred stieglitz.

hmmmm. looks like my discussion group is hosed as well. don't have time at the moment to do anything about it; maybe this weekend ... if it doesn't resolve on its own.

boston globe: looking at milton glaser.

steal this art.

nytimes: collecting harpsichords.

faz: make *sure* your monks are real.

cnet interviews leading cyberlawyer jennifer granick.

kde 2.1 beta 2 is out.

some more windows 2000 security patches.

webreference: looking for metadata in all the wrong places ...

newsforge: interprocess communication in php.

zdnet: amazon's new strategy ... focus the product line. they've got to be the only company out there who's been allowed to broad-brush first, fine-tune later. few companies ever get that opportunity ...

ars awards 2000.

watched the new 'survivor' last night. for some reason, everyone looks coiffed to me. much less grubby than the previous bunch. razors and blow dryers? obviously essentials.

looks like the dns is down for dangerousmeta again; have to do something about that. you can find me at http://www.zopesite.com/dangerousmeta if this ever happens again ... later: looks like the dns has been down since 4 a.m.