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tue 06 feb 01

dns is back, everything should be copacetic for the foreseeable future. thanks, scott!

springsteen says it well:

lights out tonight
trouble in the heartland
got a head-on collision
smashin' in my guts, man
i'm caught in a cross fire
that i don't understand
but there's one thing i know for sure
i don't give a damn
for the same old played out scenes
i don't give a damn
for just the in betweens
i want the heart, i want the soul
i want control right now
talk about a dream
try to make it real
you wake up in the night
with a fear so real
spend your life waiting
for a moment that just don't come
well, don't waste your time waiting

-- badlands

later: well, as usual, during a crisis, the stories get a bit garbled. my friend, who was an usher at my wedding and one of my best friends in the entire world, collapsed in a restaurant. turns out he has 'atrial fibrillation', which was complicated by a significant amount of fluid in the lungs. it's not very clear getting it third-hand, but apparently half his heart decided to go belly up for a period of time; but the fluid almost drowned him. i can't imagine it could build up that fast that he hadn't noticed. this is a 6'3" tall rangy individual. the docs think no permanent damage has been done, thank heaven. i haven't yet gotten to speak to him, 'cause they're moving him all over the hospital.

it does tend to make one reflective. there were three of us in the original 'hang gang' back in princeton, and out of the three of us, i would have expected to go first from doing something risky. it doesn't seem that long ago that we were tearing around in camaros, living the life springsteen documented so well. my friend is a robust, kind-hearted individual. he got married less than a year ago. he doesn't deserve this. he's sitting in the hospital, scared out of his mind, worried about shuffling off the mortal coil for the first time in his life. my biggest regret is that there is 2000 miles between us, otherwise i'd be at your bedside, tim. there's a time to talk, and there's a time to just *be there.* having a person quietly sitting there, ready to hold your hand or ruffle your hair, can mean more than all the talk in the world ...

i have a zuni fetish, a bear. it's white quartz, but when the sun shines on it, the inside glows red for some mystical reason. tonight, i offer it to the four directions, and leave it ready for the sun tomorrow so that red glow can help warm my friend's heart. in lieu of being there in person, it's the best i can do right now. if you don't understand, read jung. we all create our own personal mythology; i'm sharing mine.

just got a call. one of my best friends has had a serious stroke. i didn't think we were *old* enough for that kind of jazz ... you may not hear from me for a while ...

hmmm. ever notice that if you give a client two phone numbers, one being a cell phone, they'll always dial the cell *first*? in the office, my recharger's in the other room, necessitating a jump up from the chair, and a dash ... ah's me. well, on the bright side, it's exercise ... [note: i am using all the power available in my office for machines already ...]

santa fe new mexican: expectations of precipitation. and how to ease our burden here in santa fe. [linkrot: good for 12.]

cnn: bin laden to use internet for terrorist ops. he's intruding on hacker territory; there could be a *very* interesting backlash. not even a doberman is as single-minded as a p-o'ed hacker ...

show at international center for photography: james nachtwey.

kansas city star: the georgia o'keeffe paintings fiasco hit home gerald peters runs a large, beautiful gallery here in santa fe (it was built just a year or so ago).

the independent: european social security numbers?


mac: a new webdevil, 5.3.

london evening standard: a good contrast to below. imagining cities of the future. [this has been de-framed for your viewing pleasure.]

bbc: how much of 'blade runner' has come true?

newsforge: u.s. government moves to 'secure' linux.

newsforge: fire in the hole!

zdnet: a better way to type on your cell phone. i may be a bit loopy, but one would imagine that mixing cell phones and voice recognition might make more sense, long term ...

solariscentral: sun and qwest?! hope this doesn't mean they can slam my computer ... [just teasing] ...

securityfocus: the greatest hacks of all time.

webreference: dhtml hiermenus 4.04.

geeknews: ebook, the art of secrets.

geeknews: amazon introduces micropayment system for websites.

in the process of switching dns; there may be some funkiness today.