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wed 07 feb 01

what?!! are they nuts? a winter storm watch for santa fe, when it's still over 40 degrees? i guess i'll find out in the morning.


trove of photography-related links via nerdworld.

cnn: anne morrow lindbergh has passed away. i'm sure the ny times will have a more complete obituary tomorrow. i used to bicycle past the old lindbergh house; it became a home for wayward youths in years after the lindberghs left. i believe charles is buried on maui; i assume that's where a.m.l. is bound, to rest in perpetuity.

duane michaels.

rewind! 'the movies and reality' by virginia wolf. 1926, the new republic.

the reality of the photograph. click the arrows at the ends of paragraphs. navigation isn't obvious.

aaaarrrgghhh. programming's getting me confusticated. i need clarifluity. can anyone transmuterate for me?

there's a downside to being an eclectic 'blog. getting pounded by search engines. i guess i need to give an explanation of what a weblog *is* on this page. i get poor confused people trying to classify this site ... hell, i can't classify it either. that's why i'm here (grin) ...

nytimes: bush holds the clinton line on military budget. bush courted the military, tried to scare us silly about readiness. i'm sure the republicans are wondering about this ... the military was a major theme of his campaign, the one that brought cheney to the forefront.

ho! just what we need. mexican booby traps driving around. it's bad enough here in new mexico with just americans ... i can't count the number of times i've had to dodge things flying out of the back of pickup trucks. plastic. cans. cinderblocks. pieces of furniture (yes, furniture) ... who's going to pay the liability? mexico?

you rest. i'll wait ... and watch:

missed this the other day: looking at thomas bayes and a.i.

dallas news: the boob tube is earning it's name ... in a different way.

ottowa citizen: king reveals what his on-line novel netted: $463,832.27. claims his 'shutdown' was only temporary. kind of late to begin explaining; have to wonder why.

spark-online: lurkin' in the murk.

looking at rsa encryption, i ran across this. makes my eyes bleed. maybe andrea can figure it out. [just teasing; it's not often i run across mathematical analysis in an article.]

usa today: more on the 'e-jihad.'

osopinion: filetyping and the art of content management.

new windows eudora beta. 5.107.

apple insider: more alterations to mac os x.

linuxplanet: looking for a truly great keyboard. i've felt for quite a while that there should be a modular patch on either the right or left side of the standard keyboard. switchable modules for particular pieces of software. i miss the old 'mission-specific' keyboards ... makes things so much faster than arcane key combinations - esp. when you're splitting platforms.

internet product watch: server-based photo editing.

palmgear: review of handspring visor platinum.

mac central: if you've got fireworks 4, go get the update to 4.02 at macromedia. fixes a slew of bugs.

the standard: amazon to charge book publishers for recommendations. they haven't been charging for this?!

just got an email from dr. frank reiff, the individual who programs the 'a better finder' series of contextual menu items for the mac. he's changing his payment scheme from a one-time purchase to a 6 month subscription model.

nice to wake up and have dangerousmeta working properly! my fetish bear is in the sun, glowing away. hope you'll have a glowing day, as well.