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tue 20 feb 01

"... there are six essentials in painting. the first is called spirit; the second, rhythm; the third, thought; the fourth, scenery; the fifth, the brush; and the last is the ink."
            -- ching hao.

a reporter asks jesus to smite george w. bush, gets the secret service treatment. see the response letter, and the original article (last page), in this pdf.

i have to drive up to taos tomorrow; cameras in hand, who knows what i'll find? i'll take the video cam along as well, just in case i see anything that needs posting ... (grin) ...

for the math and statistics enthusiasts, the 'double slit' experiment.

bryant park, black and white photography. frame hell ...

revue mag: tour du monde.

top photo site of the week.

gallery of designed illusions.

time/life photosight.

view the high-tech heart. oh, and alwin also tells us: kaycee is in remission. that's FABULOUS.

betanews: macromedia flash for microsoft pocket pc's.

graphic designers' guide to the galaxy.

santa fe new mexican: eighteen percent of new mexico's bridges are 'deficient' ... [linkrot; good for 12 hrs.]

bbc has a comprehensive set of links on depleted uranium. via reutellog.

i'm running to stand still ... or is that running on ice?

iowa's got a photo gallery up. need a snorkel, john? that's a lot of snow. maybe a back brace (all the shoveling) ...


not bad ... #4 for 'hallucinogenic art' ...

looking for my missing rudder today. i'll let you know if i find it ...

reuters: big tobacco and ... the amish? well, since they use cell phones ...

weekly standard: anti-anti-communism.

some feel the new yorker's articles are too long.

nytimes: balthus, morality, and art.

arts journal lists three editorials on napster: new york times, minneapolis star-tribune, globe and mail. interesting comparisons and contrast. spin, spin, spin.

nandotimes: pat boone supports eminem? milking a dead story ...

nandotimes: 'preserving dignity' by burning underclothes ...?

linuxpr: cobalt dedicated server sale.

linuxtoday: flash 5 player for linux and solaris.

maccentral: new mt-newswatcher.

maccentral: adobe offering a free trial of indesign software.

maccentral: dreamweaver 4 extensions. simplifying photo galleries, ms word integration.

maccentral: opera on mac preview slated for thursday.

no matter how juicy the news item is, i refuse to link to cnet anymore. those huge ads are just too intrusive.

the register: hackers are terrorists, according to u.k. law.

nytimes on this day: in 1962, john glenn took off for his three orbits.

today is another day of e-commerce programming. bo-ring.

awake to the dulcet tones of the 'waste management' truck, a day late because of the holiday. looks like a one-armed fat cylindrical crab, the claw hanging off to the side, grabbing cans and tilting them over the top to dump ...