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thu 22 feb 01

don't let the paris cafe die before i get over there ... ! coffee, with absinthe? oui, oui ...

arrested over a french fry.

the two shots taken inside the bavarian lodge are using what i believe is probably a proper 'madorangefools' technique ... place camera on table, point behind one's self, and press button. i reaped a lot of gold with this ... thanks, juli. seriously.

yep, for what it's worth, galleryten is up. some snaps from my trip to taos. yes, i had a meeting at the bavarian lodge, at 9,000+ feet. and i found a big chair, almost as big as susan's -- by mistake, really.

b&w documentary site, afghani photos.

the mac's freezing photoshop again, while trying to compress jpgs into smaller jpgs. hello, techtool ... now, what else should i be doing?

utne reader: why are americans so fat? it's not the food. related to the observations i made about america's car culture ... we don't -- and can't -- walk places anymore.

got my photos back. doesn't take much to remind me all the reasons i dislike color print film. but i'll scan some of these in and see what i can make out of 'em ...

it's time to invent new words. i'm tired of all the old ones.

the door to my office is open, the side courtyard is bathed in sunlight, warm, beckoning. and i can't come out to play ...

"a computer is like an old testament god, with a lot of rules and no mercy."
            -- joseph campbell

the guardian: looking at 'the little death.'

village voice: the culture wars.

inside.com: you're not allowed to loan this book. off with her head!

pittsburgh post-gazette: designers under the age of 35 can compete to recast pittsburgh historical open spaces.

webreview has some more handy css hints. decimal align in a column, etc.

computerworld: server scanning is up, possibly due to bind vulnerability.

i'm seeing more and more articles linking 'open source' with 'security risk', particularly due to bind.

linuxjournal: are linux and open source unamerican? is social security communist?

this went up yesterday, but i'll echo it just the same: opera for mac.

ipw: server side caching for dynamic sites.

ebxml and soap.

'blue dalmation'? it looks like one of those aliens from that awful tv sci-fi detective show. i almost expect a 'kung-fu grip' feature next ... call the industrial design department!

latimes: wine may protect heart, but genes determine how much. reminds me somewhat of a research project, where they found that south pacific islanders on their native diets have beautiful teeth and excellent health. the ones on american, imported diets were obese, poor dentition, etc. etc.

'structure' is the word fo the day here. after losing a day at meetings yesterday, production looms ... structuring the workday becomes all-important, not just to make clients happy, but to keep one sane ...