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fri 23 feb 01

scantips has quite a lot of interesting information.

reuters: african americans lead in web growth.

now that bush is in office, i really miss 'bloom county.' used to be the only thing that could possibly make me laugh in the reagan years. "pear pimples for hairy fishnuts" ... i laughed so hard, at barnes & noble on south broadway (?), that i thought they were going to throw me out of the place.

to my friend with the broken heart ... loneliness is just a start. it's a blank canvas, waiting for your unique brush. go to paris; now. don't think, don't wait. just do it.

i'm proud as punch. why? i come up #1 in the search for "coelecanth 'zine." my dreams of verification as an eclectic blog have been fulfilled. i can stop anytime.

truck found on way to taos. if i hadn't desaturated it, you would have lost a few rods 'n' cones:

the elk bugling championship is going on in albuquerque. can you sound like a horny elk?

the wind has kicked up, the clouds are roiling, and there's weather moving in. rats. i was looking to a warm sunny two days.

oh jeez: flash your email.

i'm bushed. it's been a heck of a week. thank goodness things are winding down for the weekend.

hmmph. must be aliens. my traffic soared at 3 a.m., and now i'm getting really strange referrers. really strange.

nytimes: review of 'a skull in connemara.' sounds like fun ...

dpreview: big price drop on the fuji s1 pro!

independent women's forum: historically speaking, women rulers aren't much different from their male counterparts.

nytimes: artists, the web, and napster.

msnbc: ancient seafarers were more daring than previously thought, at least on the mediterranean.

faz: cloister under glass. for a news source, i really admire faz' lack of advertising.

a pdf covering the actions of robert hanssen while at the fbi.

msnbc: brock meeks vs. verisign.

linuxprogramming: we need more focused geekery.

linuxtoday: belching beta of wolverine.

techweb: opera ... better, faster, stronger?

apache today: apache guide, for more information ...

lambda news: alan kay, software design, the future of programming, the art of learning.

infoworld: spoof microsoft site making the rounds.

macnn: vicomsoft is offering 10% off. i keep fetch and interarchy on my machine, but my workhorse ftp on mac is vicomsoft's ftp client.

internetnews: bbc moves into hosting, streaming.

another ms outlook vulnerability ... vcards this time.

cloudy this morning. but bright. a lot of traffic here overnight ... wassup? what'd i miss? i was just *teasing* about the absinthe, really ...