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sun 25 feb 01

got an 8 a.m. meeting in the morning; time for a visit to the land of nod. new linkage tomorrow.

the color version of this shot is my current desktop:

tamales tonight! and, to make up for the poor movie viewing last night, out to see 'traffic'. hope it's good.

www.sidecar.com. thinking about one of these ...

nytimes book review: american apartheid.

nando times: ebay and criminal activity cross once again.

linuxjournal: installing and administering linux, book review. the installation chapter is *last* ...

mozillaquest: composer, the built-in html editor.

go out and have an adventure today. there's no time like now!

i've been playing excruciatingly emotional violin solos on the cd player, driving everyone nuts. when melancholy, you might as well enjoy the emotion fully. or, maybe just make ones self sick of the feeling, so you'll move on faster ...

going out for breakfast; probably harry's road house or cloud cliff bakery.

there's a lot to be said for renting movies you've already seen ... (grin) ...

put "what lies beneath" in the player, and fell asleep. the movie's a wash. the pacing is excruciating, the plot predictable.

tried to watch 'titus' last night, but got somewhat lost. shut it down about 20 minutes in; obviously, i need to re-read 'titus andronicus' again in order to make heads or tails out of this film.

good morning.