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tue 27 feb 01

nikonians. they have some cool photoshop filters available.

images in paris, taken with a canon g1. wait for the full page to load (a lot of images).

renato zuani, street scenes of italy.

matteo festi, raves & other photographs.

european street photography.

booknotes goes on a fieldtrip to fredericksburg.

'wisdom' from a friend today: "charge it. that's why god made plastic."

speaking of which ... instrument jokes. reloads for john.

classical ain't what it used to be: the bad boys of cello.

intellectual capital: swingers. dodd swung for ashcroft; a litany of others.

foreign policy: microbialpolitik. 'reduce by 25%'? what happened to the grand, sweeping declarations of 'eliminating this scourge' ...? oh, i forgot. this is the 21st century.

sure you can emulate. but it'll never be original.

foreign policy: measuring globalization.

ignoramus, definition. needed a less-inflammatory synonym ...

googoosh. flash intro. iran's diva.

comrade kosmonaut. site dedicated to yuri gagarin. a free font, too. how cool is that?

lend-lease. 'u.s.a.': ubiyat sukinsyna adolfa.

stalin and the cult of personality.

assorted personality-type tests. see bottom of page.

"does any dangerous to use internet" ... i'm #38. who needs a pre-constructed meme?

nytimes: a complete tenontosaurus.

the guardian: a machine called z. fusion in the desert.

s.f.classicalvoice: try out conductors before hiring. let the audience decide.

businessweek: culture is good business.

dpreview: ofoto upgrades services.

downloading boxer99/windows to try it out. still searching for that nonexistent bbedit clone on windows ...

hmmm. kind of late in the day to snatch anything good.

bloomberg: internet job cuts fell.

wrox publishes 'professional perl programming.'

the register: the chinese can purify the net.

the register: ie won the browser war because netscape sucks.

12:38?!! sorry. things ran a little later than expected. the big i construction, for one thing. have some links up in a minute.

be back for posting at around 10 mst.

to the albuquerque airport, james, and don't spare the horses ...