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wed 28 feb 01

catch it before they change it: missing 180 year old man eats dog biscuits to survive. i'll be so upset if they fix the typo.

finally updated the production mac to system 9.1. yeah, yeah ... but 8.5.1 worked so nice. everything seems ok so far (clean install, move everything by hand) ...

sometimes childhood is not too far away. ever been to a dinner where the host serves you something awful, something you just can't stand? did you hide it in your napkin? did you have the guts to ask for seconds, and do it again? well, tonight i succeeded in not only making the first course *and* seconds, but i successfully transferred them to someone else's plate without anyone at the table being any the wiser. sometimes, just sometimes ... you can improve on the stealth techniques of childhood. i've been dying to tell someone ... so i'll tell *you*. 'course that means you'll never want to join me in a meal anytime soon ...

great statement on an artpiece at a gallery here: "i met her, read her writings ... and had to stay away for a few days. i had to reshuffle my mind so that i had enough space to admit her to my psyche."

sunset tonight makes me think of tolkein ... darkness from the east, a slash of light in the west ... and what's that? two eyes ... a balrog?

huh? amazon, bankrupt? someone's hitting the weather service's stash ... (in-joke) ...

salon: assault on evolution. redirect: if 'intelligent design' bespeaks a superior intelligence, how do you go about proving there's only one? also, one would assume 'natural selection' and 'descent with modification' are givens; otherwise, do these same folks not use antibiotics or eat domestic animals? do they have a domestic cat or a dog? 'spontaneous generation'? medieval.

a new version of macghostview, postscript previewer. (andrea?)

a great (and old!) review of the movie "the english patient."

guy kawasaki's gone from powerbook to thinkpad.

nytimes: the web in tougher times.

hey kids ... give up homework for lent.

earthquake in seattle. bad enough to make brent wear his shoes ...

so, i dig out the driveway ... and it starts to snow again. blast!!

just can't catch a good thread of info to follow. sorry! on to paying work ...

reuters: in come the crows. the orbison estate is now after napster.

reuters: nominate this guy for a darwin award.

national review: the sports illustrated swimming issue, degrading to men? not even as racy as 40's pinups ...

sfgate: another article on weblogs.

the new yorker: looking at the new film about jackson pollock.

variety: aol/time warner begins their spring pruning.

apple disc burner.

a new beta of eudora for windows yesterday.

webreference: online xml training.

*yawn* ... get up, turn on the coffee. hmmm. sounds awfully quiet outside. is it a holiday? *stretch* ... pad, pad, pad ... open blinds ... AW RATS ... it's three inches deep, and still snowing. stop a minute. it's beautiful, right? yeah, but i've got to shovel that damned driveway again ...