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fri 02 mar 01

i would post something, but i'm heading out to go friday night gallery hopping, a tradition in santa fe. especially if you like free wine and cheese. the museums don't charge admissions; it's a great way to take in culture, meet new folks. also, to fill this empty gullet of mine. see ya later.

a bit haggard.

i wish i had something witty & clever to say, but i'm dry. just had to redesign and implement a site in four hours. i'm sweating. on to the next fire. why fridays ...?

the guardian: flash lights up artists.

salon: white collar sweatshop.

betanews: officexp beta, 19.95.

finding news on fridays is like finding water in the desert. you gotta dig deep. on to work ... more later.

methylsalicylate is visiting santa fe next week; we're working on coordinating a dinner. it'll be fun to see another blogger face to face.

the independent: arnold schoenberg and modern music.

nytimes: the taliban have begun, as of thursday, destroying 'idols.'

the register: ecommerce vs. security?

cringely on why dsl is so slow to propagate ...

linuxworld: ask the geek, fight spam with procmail.

businesswire: killer apps will spread wireless internet usage.

bbc: dinosaurs may have enjoyed an aurora borealis every night.

maccentral: suitcase 9.03, network font management. i still get a knee jerk reaction when someone talks about using fonts over networks ...

internetnews: web travel site revenue threatened.

webreference: information anxiety 2.

geeknews: internet at the gas pump. hmmm. can people type and pump at the same time?

canadacomputes: a tour of the dot-bombs. 'crash course ...'

did some pullups last night; too many. there's a hot golfball between my shoulder blades. damn.

end of the month/beginning of new month housekeeping. linkage soon.