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thu 08 mar 01

"like sands through the hourglass ..."

ananova: shepherd shot by his own sheep. dead.

i'm a bit of a dud tonight. my apologies. i'm really tired. a great deal of stuff going on at the moment.


some infrared photography.

giant camera, san francisco. camera obscura.

advice about leica rangefinders.

american museum of photography.

some things about art and cities.

small-town photojournalist.

great. search term: picture dangerous sex. who's number one? one guess. where's my rubber ducky ... ?

the spectator: ah-nuld the barbarian, nee governor-to-be of california?

nytimes book review: augusta, gone. sounds like a good follow-up to seeing 'traffic.'

motherjones: sugarcoating reagan. some wish to memorialize the great prevaricator 'in every county' ...

kaycee's being discharged. a heartfelt congratulations! she's got a chance to go out and re-experience, with new vision. would that we all could experience each day born anew ... her postings from here on will be no less interesting ...

isp-planet: running out of ipv4.

anyone have an opinion on the servelinux 1u? the slash interface? good, bad?

p2p and copyright white paper.

motley fool: you could be immortal.

web developers contract swipe file.

atlantic monthly: the finer points of accuracy.

a reader informs me i've got a decrepit link. apparently some aggregators aren't picky about how *old* a story is. the link about the tate (two days ago) is a year old. my apologies! i'll be sure to check dates from now on ...

hey! we made the ny times. a look at 'views of the city', the show i saw friday at the georgia o'keeffe museum.

cnn: dick gephardt declares 'the end of bipartisanship.'

abcnews: john r. lott's 'more guns, less crime.' now that new mexico may have a concealed handgun law, this may get tested.

the age: read to avoid alzheimer's. television watching is the risk ...

middle east times: restore ramses II, or leave him as the christians dismembered him?

dallas morning news: the village people are #86.


oh geez ... for windows, 'incredimail'. view the flash demo.

osopinion: why do so many hate microsoft?

not to beat a dead horse, but more on ginger.


'tis a sad day. the first 'net webcam coffee pot is going to be scrapped. i remember when this was hot (har, har).

the register: the eminem/elton john duet won't be sold 'because of napster'?

well, i *thought* i was going to sleep later than this ...