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fri 09 mar 01


... of course, now i prefer to drive a horse ...

i used to follow f1 religiously. when the technical overrode sheer skill, i lost interest. but i used to love to drive my silver 240z at breakneck pace ... i still remember the i640 interchange in knoxville, tennessee. i could hit the onramp, a little oversteer on the banked curve, scrubbing off some rubber, and be screaming in third gear, passing a hundred mph. that straight six felt like it could go to the moon. instead it took me safely and swiftly to college. it helped that i also tilted the front radiator, to deflect speed guns ... (grin) ...

then, of course, who can forget gilles villeneuve? watch the dijon mpeg video to see him in action ... some of the most exciting f1 you'll ever see.

remember niki lauda?

james hillman in new mexico.

what's kronotsky zapovednik?

russian photographers. check out the navigation at this site.

'virtual' jerusalem tour.

tour zimbabwe.

create a polaroid image transfer.

platinum printmaking made simple.

steve's digicams: the new olympus 3040.

userland announces the release version of radio. congratulations to the entire team. the product has come a long way from the original pike product, and is a quite handy little news gatherer. if everyone who visited this page used it, i'd be pretty much out of a job ... (grin) ... and that may still happen, when more news sites implement rss.

ananova: "two-all-kangaroo-patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun ..." well, not yet. soon?

a simply great link for digital black and white photography.

fascinating. you need a magnifying glass and a bright monitor. might be easier to read the source code ...

motley fool: yahoo, and the limits of fundamentals.

nytimes: bipartisanship be damned; bush plays hardball. with the thin majority, it is breathtaking the speed at which major issues are being altered. this feels even more swift and gleesome than the reagan top-rate tax cuts. i wouldn't give my children their allowance before doing the household bills; why is this any different?

santa fe new mexican: teen-parent programs are working. new mexico is #5 in the u.s. for teen pregnancy. i'll have to dig to see if any are faith-based; there were no mentions in the article. [linkrot: good for 12 hrs.]

nytimes: the dreams of webzines fizzle out.

dpreview has updated its sony dsc-s75 review, with a production model. better results.

latimes: is publishing dead? or, are the monopolies dead by their own hand?

discovery: first published author.

the times of london: help artists by classifying them with farmers ...

abcnews: visiting nottingham? take your barbecue sauce ...

telegraph: finding the missing panel. good detective story, this. accurate? who knows. it'd make a good novel ...

cnn: the power grids out west here aren't so hot ...

tim o'reilly: is open source unamerican?

bbc: human cloning, the terrible odds.

as an aside, the mailservers at earthlink have been dropping some of my email. i just got off the phone with the second client with whom i can verify this happening. if you're using earthlink for business, beware. make *sure* your clients follow up with phone calls ... until you move to a new service (grin). this is unacceptable!

i keep forgetting that fridays are always slow news days ...

the register: apple patents desktop themes.

salon: zero tolerance in schools. i find the 'try the child as an adult' theory to be extremely depressing. certainly major intervention and counseling are needed; but will the children get that after being treated as an adult?

eudora 5.1b2 has some osx specific upgrades.

the definitive(?) photoshop 6.01 update is online.

internetnews: in spite of challenges, linux is gaining ground.

hallelujah. tgif. i'll be very glad to burn this 'hell week' off my back ...