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sat 10 mar 01

latest search engine fun: subway city network semiotics. who's #1?

cnn: 2/3rds of buddhas destroyed by taliban. until someone gets a picture, we're never going to know for sure.

the ten commandments of leica photography. i particularly admire the commandment about photographing homeless persons ...

i've never been a 'list person', but i'm thinking of trying to make one for this year. there are many places i want to go, things i want to accomplish. time slips away; it's time to get them out of the peripheral and into the center of vision ... so i can make them happen.

today's been a sort of a wash. i'm pretty wrung-out from last week. didn't get up enough energy to do anything. i started to take a couple of pictures, but decided to sit and catch up on some reading instead. while reading, i fell asleep. more than once. i know i need to some recharge time, but wasn't aware it was at this level.

if i was a primitive living outdoors, and experienced today's weather, i'd definitely believe in multiple gods. i can visualize them arguing over what weather to throw at puny humanity ...

5:52, whiteout again.

evangelization of the americas. st. francis as conquistador.

5:00 p.m. ... blinding white-out of snow. 5:11 p.m. ... blue sky overhead. more fun coming on the horizon ...

industry standard: mit may build a media lab in india.

reuters: women's night in bogota, colombia.

the santa fe new mexican has gone from lasso to cold fusion ... check that url. we'll have to see if they still suffer from linkrot ...

the times of london: responses from those forced as children to go to 'fancy dress parties' ...

bbc: princess diana shouldn't have died, says leading heart surgeon.

python module for bbedit. thanks, derschock.

2:40 p.m., mst, gmt-7 ... the weather's been quite dramatic this morning. i've been sitting by a window, reading, but mostly looking out at the mountains and sky. we've had pure blue, puffy white clouds, then large dark clouds roll over. wide swaths of grey sheets, backlit by sparks of sunlight. at times it's been black overhead, but the mountains have been starkly lit in full sun. we've had rain. we've had wind. we've had sleet. we just went through a period of large, olive-sized balls of slush falling about every fifteen feet. the miracle that is nature is continuing to entertain ... once again, i'll see you all later ...

whoops, forgot to mention. the thunder-beings are here, and i've seen coyote in the desert ... (grin) ...

rain is moving in, according to the weather service. i've got a headache. i'm getting away from you, blog, in order to do some living. be back later. i'm going to enjoy what little sun there will be this weekend ...

telegraph: poker and the art of living.

times of india: 'on the ecstasy of the rubber'. i *had* to link this. sorry.

times of india: pakistan believes the afghan buddhas still stand. 'the taliban want attention' ...

what was that quote? the truth never stands in the way of a good story? or was that a book title?

publishers weekly: teen spirituality sells books. i'm a bit jaded; modern spirituality tends to fill certain pockets more than it fills anyone's soul.

utne reader: time banks. barter for the 21st century?

chronicle of higher ed: what a concept! teach foreign languages by sending students to where the language is spoken.

foreign policy: the new economy is alive and well.

the guardian: did marlowe = shakespeare?

digitalmass: germany passes new digital signature law.

speaking of software, i tried to download adobe indesign's two month trial last night. i sat there at the register screen, thinking "hqx, or bin?" hqx was another 13 or so megabytes ... so i went bin. four hours later, the bin was corrupted. when will i ever learn?

linuxplanet: looking at bluefish. looks nice; i just wish the windows/linux html editors wouldn't all copy the homesite-style layout. i'd like to have commands on palettes so i can move them out of the way, or collapse them ... but not have to close them. some of these editors take up 50% of the screen with permanent toolbars and the like. 'ms-word-disease' i believe it's called. i'd rather see the CODE ...

windows: cstelnet/absolute telnet.

linuxplanet: lou gets it ... microsoft vs. linux.

the standard: red sky at morning.

and it's the weekend ... *aaaahhhhh*.

at 7 a.m., the light came streaming through my window and hit me full in the face. so i'm awake. oh yeah, i'm awake.