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sun 11 mar 01

i saw this mentioned in an astronomy link: coonabarabran, gateway to the warrumbungles. too interesting not to follow up ...

guardian: colin powell, internationalist in a sea of xenophobes?

cnn: american women rank 15th in worldwide reproductive health risk. the u.s. has more teen mothers than any other industrialized nation. if you're going to have a kid, move to spain.

selfishness and altruism.

i 'default' to an altruistic response, as a reflex. many others in our weblog community do as well. we become greater than the sum of our parts.

teaching kids to care.

the fallacies of egoism and altruism, and the fundamental principal of morality.

aristotle on friendship.

interesting concept ... do private vices produce public benefits? if so, what does that mean for society? just following a thread ...

what is egoism?

the weather is continuing it's unpredictability. one minute snow, next minute sun. i give up predicting; i'll just take every coat i own with me (rain shell, windbreaker, down coat, fleece vest) when i go out ...

i find it curious that the nytimes hasn't picked up the palm beach vote count story ...

nytimes: president moves on judgeships. there are 100 positions to fill that will shape the front of federal jurisprudence.

cnn: you are your own p.r.

afghan history.

taliban kills the buddha.

zdnet: mysql makes move upmarket.

pinehead: gimp, gif animation.

boston globe: no free isp has turned a profit.

linuxorbit: five faces changing the linux desktop, part one.

late flip. no excuse. lazy.