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mon 12 mar 01

and here i thought it was going to be just another slow day on the old 'blog ... i'm also getting googled to death on 'bird diapers' and 'hefner bunnies' ...

well, if you ever wanted to see it quantified, this is the "scripting news effect", straight from the referrer logs of dangerousmeta at 8 p.m.:

note that's 61 referrals; some of those return or refresh. the aggregate number of page views is roughly four to six times higher. scripting news readers dig.

review of jerry mander's "four arguments for the elimination of television." is "thinking" such a hard thing to do that we must avoid it?

the camera as weapon: documentary photography and the holocaust.

the camera is the more powerful weapon.

professor steve mann talks about wearable computers, cameras. trove.

ebony bokken.

fencing equipment recommendations. good info.

martinez academy of arms teaches rapier ...

an excerpt from a book i'm rereading stuck with me today: "... you put excellent people in embarrassing situations. you come upon them without warning and demand of them courage, generosity, enthusiasm, or heaven knows what, things they're not capable of except after long reflection and much warming-up."

macnn: bbe ftp. 'facilitates remote editing with bbedit 6 and fetch 4.' what does that mean? i'll have to download it to find out.

when you've got unsaved programming in bbedit, and you have photoshop crash ... remember, open the numbered bbedit temp file first. always.

philly future has a heck of a link today. "if you people were already doing what you profess to be the gospel, we wouldn't even need this initiative."

financial times: peter singer on free market ethics. gotta point to fellow princetonians when they turn up ... via davosnewbies [thanks, lance!]

mysql is up to 3.23.34.

pekka saarinen continues to post just great canon g1 shots. later: ok, genug, it's not that 'exciting', but for someone trying to choose between a 990 and a g1, it's pretty interesting ... (grin) ... besides, i love europe ...

nytimes op-ed: backing beijing into a corner. some background ... chinese thinking on nuclear war. a military buildup would also completely write-off tibet, reportedly their major nuclear base of ops ...

cnn has photos ... buddha is dead.

the wind is here. i just removed a four-foot stack of tumbleweeds from the rear of both cars. trees and cars work like combs ...

whoah baby ... i've got a spike in my traffic like grand teton. dave, if i can find it, i'll post it ...

dave of time's shadow leaves a comment in the discussion group about 'the self', following up on my altruism/egoism posts of yesterday.

a bit thin today. once again, it's a busy week. sorry, alwin, permalinks are high on the list -- but winds of change are shrieking through the studio here.

salon: backgrounder on 'the phantom tollbooth.' hey, susan ...

macnn: adobe announces acrobat 5.

zope news mozilla sidepanel updated.

wired: building a new prehistoric cave. it's a sad fact, tourism can hurt. bandelier national monument has graffiti scratched into beautiful anasazi dwellings.

telegraph: anti-aircraft fire wouldn't do, so they used dynamite. if you see buddha on the road, kill him ...

john gilmore: what's wrong with copy protection.

newscientist: on p2p.

webreference: xhtml tags reference.

liquidforms, xml forms management.

geeknews: the cubic browser.

the benefit, of course, is that we'll be well-watered for spring. if you want to see new mexico in glory, come in april-may-june.

sunny, finally. will it last? it's been one of the longest stretches of cloudiness that i can remember here in new mexico.