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tue 13 mar 01

towards a new media aesthetic.

proceedings of the freisian school. check out an egyptian reference page. links to complete tomb blueprints at the bottom of the page.

nytimes: mr. bush feels that a campaign promise can be a 'mistake'; co2 is not a pollutant. as i've said before, campaign promises are not worth the air they're breathed on. in this case, the co2 they're exhaled on ...

bookvalley. there looks to be a few of these kinds of sites. read a book on the web. i have to laugh; lots of kids titles, across the column from balzac. i can still hear the mayor's wife in "the music man" saying, "BAL-zac" ...

fourth world webmerge. puts your database into html.

degas, absinthe.

sepulchritude. twisted. dark. gothic. prime candidate for blocking software. artwork, prose. try 'sins of coffee.' der schock should like that.

the absinthe ring.

dpreview: zeiss-sony digital camera connection found. or at least, explained.

cnn: 'oneshot' harris' work on display.

ah, a good news day. i can attack my work now with satisfaction.

definition of 'garret', just fyi.

i beg your pardon!

reuters: reincarnated as a peacock.

the u.n. says depleted uranium risks are 'low', but what effects they're having ... ! the last paragraph worries me most. traces of plutonium? where are the studies on health and environmental effects of d.u. ... weren't any done before deployment of this technology? it's disturbing when everyone stands back and says, "it's nothing," with seemingly no independent research data to back it up.

next on the reading list: microcosms.

images from 'the last supper', before restoration and after.

the middle east times asks the same question craig did yesterday: which is more important, statues or people?

guardent: security flaw in tcp.

linuxprogramming: c++ how-to. trove.

versiontracker: associate mp3's to itunes. freeware.

cnn: elephants talk with their feet.

cpan: inline python, write subroutines and classes in python.

linuxnewbie: installing and using cpan.

scroll down the page ... kama sutra for pocket pc. i guess this is a must-have for the mile-high club ...?

macnn: sapphire filters for photoshop. you have to dig for the demos.

salon looks at bankruptcy reforms, and faith initiatives. oh, and the state department doesn't like the bankruptcy bill much, either. (reuters) hmmm. and the new york times looks at how hard lobbying got this result.

kuro5hin: qualities of a good url.

vaults of parnassus: webware for python 0.5.

nasa earth observatory: mapping the decline of coral reefs.

the register: nautilus 1.0 is out and available for download.

the guardian: foot & mouth shows up in france. this is a quite comprehensive little article; many links.

another day dawns with full sun. (sorry you missed it, methyl!) for some unknown reason, i dreamed the byword of the day was going to be 'impatience.' so i'm girding myself ...