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thu 15 mar 01

i've had too much good chocolate; i'd best chill a while. close the refrigerator door after me, will ya? and don't catch my snorkel in the hinges, please.

the satisfactory poetry.

flight and pictures of a mig-25.

pictures of fire hydrants.

the css pointers group.

alien photographed?

how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

how to glue a pair of walrus tusks.

trove of links for classical and mediterranean archaeology.

it's in french, but this looks like an interesting place to stay in marrakech.

sahara meteorite prospecting. don't be fooled; it's a cool link.

other than on foot (a bit dangerous), i'd like to see africa this way.

a lot of good stuff going on here in the studio. i'm happy. can you tell?

riding instructor called. she's got a palomino to ride. maybe this weekend.

green chili stew on the stovetop. from chimayo. homemade. mmmmmmm.

spending a little time to get my office in shape again ... guitar players out there, do you know of any good 'wall mounts' so i can hang my classical guitar and steel string guitar on the wall? most seem to be made for really narrow necks. i've got big fingers, so i go for wider necks ... drop a note in the dg. thanks.

webreference: extreme html optimization.

zope 2.3.1b2 released.

just had my ears lowered. i look like a short-hair terrier.

andrea's done with her thesis! congrats!

and, in honor of the 'ides', the complete text of shakespeare's 'julius caesar.'

reason: appropriate to post here (*snort*) ... how p.t. barnum helped invent business ethics.

scotsman: pornography or art? looking at the work of tierney gearon.

usnews: who was biblical king david?

linuxprogramming: zopemyadmin, to administrate mysql through zope.

i'm keeping an eye on dragftp for windows.

crn: palms are losing market share against ms pocket pc devices.

wheatblog: mysql and php.

businessweek: why mac zealots need to chill. there is a 'best' tool for every job. that tool cannot always be a mac. i use whatever platform or device allows me to get work done well in the least amount of time. [that goes for software, too.]

latimes: federal worker is fired for web posting a map. a map that happens to display where caribou calve in the artic national wildlife refuge.

zdnet: flat panel monitor prices are trending downwards, finally.

linuxtoday: evolution 0.9 released. linux-based outlook replacement.

photoloft, one of the online photo services, is moving from 'free' to a subscription model. will others follow?

a digital photography contest at digitalsecrets.

linuxplanet: review of nautilus 1. bottom line: nice, but a bit slow.

kuro5hin: new approach to cancer treatment ... discourage blood flow.

i guess i could always find a piece of '99 luftballons' ... (grin) ... appropriate, for our current administration, i would wager.

alwin's lyric of the day yesterday planted some music in my head that i just can't get rid of. but it's not freedy. it's 'bad reputation' by joan jett and the blackhearts. now, how in the world can i stop this loop from playing ... ?