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sun 18 mar 01

nytimes: big media vs. freelancers; who owns your writing?

reuters: bush adviser says more powerplants, more refineries. now i may be wrong here, but shouldn't we be looking at alternates ...?

webreference: to pay, or not to pay ... for search engine listings.

newsbytes: record internet radio.

been fooling around with php/apache/mysql this afternoon, having a great time. well, an o.k. time. went for a long walk around in the wind. still bitter here; the march winds are full strength at the moment. can't wait for it to warm up enough to ... well, do everything.

imagine my chagrin. #4 for 'babes of politics'. let's just not go there, shall we ...?

speaking of which, i really highly recommend webtrendslive if you get your kicks from your # of hits a day. it certainly changed the way i slice my baloney. the real # of visitors vs. page views is fascinating. there are visitors who hit this page upwards of ten times a day, doing refreshes while they're here. if your stats service gives you no indication of repeat visitors versus first time visitors, most requested pages and page refreshes, countries of origin ... you don't know your real website traffic patterns. 500 'hits' a day is *not* 500 people. hint: it's not even 250. in other words, you *ain't* as popular as you think you are.

nytimes: behind the dotbomb ... view all the absurd ways to value a stock. value by website traffic? oh, my god ...

reuters: italy threatens to pull the plug on vatican radio. kids are dying of leukemia from the emf. even though america doesn't recognize the link between emf and illness, keep this in mind if you live near powerlines. want to have fun? tune your a.m. radio to 550, and drive around your neighborhood.

reuters: delivering the illicit goods via burrito. ah, yes. the mind boggles at the ingenuity that will be employed once those mexican rattletraps cross the border ...

weekly standard: evolutionary psychology.

boston herald: the two appraisers were indicted in the 'antiques roadshow' scam. these penalties and fines seem excessive. 60 years and over 2 million? sheesh.

nandotimes: irs data open to hackers. you might want to file paper this year, once again.

twistedmatrix: a philosophical tutorial to twisted python. link seems to be down; taking you to linuxtoday ...

maestro, a weird little piece of software for windows.

the space shuttle doubles as a garbage truck.

the new york times looks at digital art.

the la times has some tips if you want to get out of the dot coms and into a 'bricks and mortar' firm ...


a solitary raven, circling in the sun. looking out above the clouds to the south. bright and sunny.