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tue 20 mar 01

ack. barf. whoof. the accountant called; my tax bill is prohibitive. buying the house took us over the top. that may engender some slowdown here. gotta regroup and come up with a plan. need a dishwasher? i'm for hire ...

reuters: an enzyme to kill strep throat, dead. bravo!

everyone seems to be talking about hailstorm. [mwah, hah.] and microsoft can't even keep an outlook address book secure. yet, one shouldn't underestimate microsoft, ever. i can see more than one strategy at work here.

the register: don't panic. the dow jones industrial average fell 99.999% this morning after no trading ...

nytimes: biographer says goodbye to hitler. this passage chills me to the bone: 'if there was a secret to hitler's success, mr. kershaw said, it was "the belief his road was the right road, that he was walking hand in hand with providence."' how many wrongs throughout history have been perpetrated for just those reasons ...

i've got some nutcase in a korean-war-era chopper (think m*a*s*h) flying circles around the neighborhood. he's driving me nuts ...

reuters: big money backers set agenda in congress & white house. good point ... the initiatives that have no big $$ behind them are not on the radar screen, except for soundbites.

solarhosting. 100% pollution free hosting. via geeknews.

consumer confidence and economic activity. should we be calling our present state of economics a 'downturn', to prevent further effects?

a poster on freerepublic thinks we're asking for it ... yes, and comets brought the plagues in medieval times.

feed: writing for no one.

guardian: english language knows no bounds. what a boring world this would be, if everyone gave up their native tongues ...

nytimes magazine: a crisis of art fakes.

bemailer is a batch emailer that supports all the major packages, including claris emailer and mailsmith.

cnn: the results of uncontrolled rage at newark airport. i'll drive, thank you ...

salon: the bush honeymoon is over.

digital creations has a new look.

webreview: missed this last week ... a review of macromedia fireworks 4.

slashdot: red hat 'automatic' updates no longer free.

unix insider: more than just english; a practical guide to scripting the majority languages.

the register: email is the 'third revolutionary step in human communications' ...

shields up: earthlink's 'super cookie'. so much for privacy.

mac: pepper's up to 3.6. nice, but not up to bbedit. and both of you, work on expediting the creation of css, will ya?

geeknews: linkfiles.com.

freshmeat: xml and scheme, an xml parsing framework.

freshmeat: achievo, project management and tracking.

weatherman says it's going up to 60 today, and a warming trend is in place for the week ... through the weekend. anyone want to play hooky?