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tue 20 mar 01

a friend sent me a little item today. i share it with you all. *do* read it.

lost america. western night photography, with aids.

sigridjakob.com. photography. dig.

the register: 'titsup.com'. listing dotcom deaths ...

no foolin'!! someone dropped by from tonga! do me a favor friend ... get under cover on friday.

webref: the art and science of web design.

geeknews: what is it with the smurfs?

ananova: image of christ appears in bar cash register. what a coincidence. i just saw a cloud that looked like the 'taco bell' dog drift by ...

eureka alert: schizophrenia gene uncovered.

web developers journal: site management tools. and other stuff.

amphetadesk is a news aggregator you run on your desktop, apparently inspired by userland's radio product. via o'reilly

the original rss.

echofactor has lots of rss feeds; where they go, i don't have time at the moment to guide you. go look.

metabrowser. metadata web browser.

convert2xml will be interesting at some point.

santa fe new mexican: fellow climbers, beware. some nutcases planted a pipe bomb at a popular climbing area here in new mexico. hopefully, this won't get picked up nationally and spawn a dozen copycats ...

linuxtoday: tux the impaler.

reuters: 'web-savvy busboy' takes tycoons for a ride. wow.

new statesman: looking at michael graves, art and fashion. elaine showalter ... ! another princeton high school alumnus (-a?). lots of showalters, as i recall ...

philly.com: 'quiet is the new loud' ... ?

the scotsman: vienna boys choir gets competition.

well, now i'm sort of back where i was. fifteen minutes; not bad. but i've got a tool to help me out ... and it's not what you think. i made it myself. maybe i'll show it to you when i smooth it out a bit more.

xmlhack: canonical xml now official.

wired: palm grabs peanut press. moving into e-books. larger screen, larger screen ...

python xml sql http gateway. say it ten times fast ...

washingtonpost: buy a pda, fund a war. tantalum. i'm trying to remember ... wasn't it the sudanese who sidestepped the expensive military hardware, bought a bunch of toyota trucks, mounted machine guns in the back, and whipped libya? i'll have to dig to find it ...

unixreview: looking at comanche, graphical administration for apache.

macnn: idisk jigged for mac os x release.

cnn: world's largest oil rig sinks. i wonder; how do you cap an undersea well?

dpreview: kodak palmpix.

well, now, that was weird. i had a good half-hour's worth of posts up, and now zope's defaulted back to yesterday. do i have time to reconstruct?