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wed 21 mar 01

cdc: human toxin levels. not surprised at the results ...

cnn: second graders charged for 'terrorist threats' after wielding paper gun. has the world gone insane? what happens if the kids have a squirt gun?

prester john, fiction and history.

or, you could hang out in north siberia and catch fish with your bare hands ...

akademgorodok ... or, where to go if you're ever in siberia ...

nandotimes: u.n. promotes cheap method to disinfect water. ingenious.

the register: win xp breaks utilities ... again. changes to ntfs.

newsbytes: will freenet smash copyright laws?

funstuff: history, and where to pan for gold in new mexico. where's that pie pan? or will a frisbee do ... dang, i tossed it. i throw boomerangs instead. [i have six of gel's booms; i love every single one. highly recommended.]

surprised to see that smudge sticks have become a cottage industry ... sage, please. otherwise, it's like having blue raspberry gatoraid ... (blech) ...

the environmental defense network (and others) have a neat interface for faxing letters to your congresspersons. this one's against drilling in the arctic. here's their privacy statement, if you're as curious as i was ...

nytimes: for john. the chicken. it came, it clucked, it conquered.

nytimes: deal in maine prevents development of forest land. great! we'll have few enough of these types of things to crow over in the next three and three-quarters years ...

cnn: remains of confederate sailor found in the c.s.s hunley.

cnn: 'lucy' may be out of the human evolutionary chain. smaller teeth? diet introduced evolutionary changes? one wonders if we keep drinking coke, if we'll revert to proconsul ...

no wonder i've been coughing. looked out the window, thought there was a fire down the hill. nope; juniper pollen. thick. wind blows, it rises like grey smoke. (*cough* *cough*)

macnn posts a rumor that staples is selling mac os x today, a bit early. just a rumor.

freshmeat: webmake looks interesting, in a non-database sort of way.

cnn: glitch wipes out numerous tripod sites.

if mir misfires and ends up off target, what do they say in russian? bozhe moi? whoops?

salon: bush dismantles environmental rules. the arsenic issue is particularly sensitive in states like new mexico here, where mining has contaminated vast areas. i'm putting money away for that reverse-osmosis filter now. a tax cut? what good is it if i have to layout $500 bucks to ensure my drinking water is safe ... thanks, vincent, for the heads-up.

the new yorker: looking at wire choreography in the kung fu movie genre. there is also, at the moment, two copies of this article stacked on top of each other. what cms are they using?

inside: cosmo and glamour tone down the cover lines.

okay, sure sign i need more sleep: i was updating yesterday's entry in the archives with today's news. maybe yesterday's dysfunction wasn't zope after all ...

artsjournal: fiberglass herd animals, in iambic pentameter. not really ...

w3c: amaya 4.3.1.

apache today: winscp, secure file transfer.

xmlhack: integrating xhtml and rdf schema.

webref: internet license plate gallery. got a vanity plate that broadcasts your internet interests?

zdnet: pdas face security issues. they used to try to scare newton users to death about the ir port. a simple sliding plastic door would handle the ir issues. i used a piece of blue electrical tape, if i was really paranoid ...

come to think of it ... microsoft hailstorm/passport ... didn't we learn *anything* from the 'terminator' movies? cyberdyne systems? [*snort*]

zdnet: latest ms outlook virus ... 'injustice.'

ibmdeveloperworks looks at win4lin.

the register's been searching for aliens ...

mac: sticky brain.

salon: patents are your friends. this is what hailstorm made me ponder. open-source will be busting their humps to one-up and supplant microsoft, but all that sweat equity can then be cherry-picked and leveraged by microsoft for profit. what better way to kill open-source than to redirect it's impact ... at itself. slashdot is also looking at this article, with predictable responses.

discussion on kuro5hin about salon premium. makes me wonder ... is it cheaper to produce a print mag, or a web zine? has anyone ever parsed the #'s?

the atlantic: the day reagan was shot.

usatoday: aol deletes earthlink email.

'mawnin. been monkey-wrenching some squishdot code, to see if i can get rss working here quickly. those of you who want to help preview it, drop me an email and i'll put you on the list. there are pluses and minuses to this route, and before i put a lot of effort into it, i'd like to see if it satisfies everyone.