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fri 23 mar 01

after looking at my posts, it's obvious i need to break the mountain bike out and do a little pounding. hostility release. i've had this evil intention of duct-taping the vidcam on my helmet for my forays ... maybe this time i'll do it ... and post it. wanna see a web-endo?

all over the map tonight. yep, that's the lightning in the brain ... crackling across the synapses, alchemy of the neurons ...

"he had discovered a curious fact about egoism. 'the egoist loves everybody. he's even a glutton. that's my own case, i confess; it's the case with everyone. now, though, the egoist goes to the desert. like the saints. but when one's alone, one finds oneself. one becomes a glutton for oneself. and then what happens?' excesses and basenesses he would rather not mention."
    - jean giono, horseman on the roof.

guardian: journalists and their cult of personality. i don't give a damn what you look like, as long as you're accurate.

and i'm as guilty as anyone. it's so damned funny to see new 'bloggers out there start rehashing issues we discussed over a year ago, as if they're discovering something new, getting that flush, that burst of pride in themselves. gawd, we're full of it sometimes ... ma gavta la nata = "remove the cork" ...

hot/cold. alpha and omega. 'i am the passion and warfare.' can't help it.

and, you *can* buy a suit of armor, suitable for sweeping young ladies off their feet (that is, if you can even *see* them ...)

whether you want to build trebuchets, perriers, 'war wolves', petrarias, coulliards or bricoles ... you'll find information here. everything about siege engines.

make traditional japanese armor ... out of cardboard.

iaido. the art of drawing the sword. more iaido. start with a bokken (wooden sword), graduate to an edge katana after much practice. and oil it daily, following all the honourable procedures such a work of art demands. and remember to fold your hakama properly.

the historical armed combat association.

crazy u.s. sex laws.

okay, so i'm in a somewhat perverse mood tonight. i'm allowed, once in a while.

about.com: how to identify moose poop. yeah, but how can anyone judge *scale* ...

great quote ... guess who said it: "the great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest ... but the myth - persistent, persuasive and unrealistic."

classic example of how email monitoring can go wrong.

there. i'm over it now. bad drivers try to ruin my day. i'm not such a grouch. i'll take you out for a beer before i punch your lights out ...

practical joke catalog. ah, they've got the goods. itch powder, mustard-filled candy. foaming sugar. exhaust whistles. ugly bags. great! i have a feeling a couple of friends, spouses and significant others are going to *hate* me for that link ...

fake traffic tickets are good, too. you can do them on any printer ... "what, a $1000 fine for *parking*?!!" priceless.

evil genius' list of pranks and hi-tech joke ideas.

'course, i remember license plates. i have an eidetic memory. you'll never know where that potato in your exhaust pipe came from now, will you?

don't tailgate a motorcyclist. do you know what a bumper touch to a rear tire does? are you in so much of a rush that you don't mind killing another human being? does the fact that i ride a motorcycle, and enjoy that freedom, make me something less in your perception? get a grip. please.

mac: graphicconverter moves up incrementally to 4.05.

i really, really enjoy grail theories. the graal was not a cup, but the child in magdalene's womb ... ultimately becoming french monarchy.

cnn: 20% of internet vulnerable to dangerous linux/bind worm.

just what you came here to find out, i'm sure. did you realize that it takes twice as long to cook french fries at santa fe's altitude (~7500 feet)? but i'm hungry now ...

yellow dog linux 2 status report.

photo of willard scott as the first ronald mcdonald. scroll about 1/3 of the way down the page ...

reuters: aussies take matters into their own hands, when beer taxes rise.

reuters: vietnam will overlook allegations of powell's role in the my lai coverup.

newstatesman: observing the human zoo. looking at celebrity.

sfgate: the bard's rep.

artsjournal: this is the sound of a violin in a vault. ah, i can see both sides of the argument here.

international herald tribune: taliban display the remnants of the kabul museum.

w3c: modularization of xhtml in xml schema.

webreview: custom cursors in css2.


pythonworks pro.

cnn: the magistr worm sounds nasty. win 95, 98 and me, users of outlook express ... beware.

slashdot: aol blocking im clones again.

the register: buy pieces of mir! freshly fished out of the ocean! will chunks of blackened stuff become as ubiquitous as those little bags of berlin wall chunks?

corel announces a bunch of new updates and software: bryce 5 soon, painter 7 and ktp 7 ...

macnn: extensis is offering 30% off product line. to me, when a manufacturer has a sale, it means there are new versions coming out real soon (that will be extra $$). os x, os x ...

linuxplanet: nautilus doesn't quite live up to the hype. at least, not in this version.

kuro5hin: will apple teach linux to put unix on the desktop?

mp3newswire: another view of the bitbop tuner. to refresh, it records audio from 'net radio stations ...

bastille linux 1.2.0 is almost ready. 'hardening' linux, security-wise.

don't you feel 'lighter' today? there's tons less stuff flying over your head ...