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sat 24 mar 01

the lives of medieval women.

psychology today: the future of memory. i remember the future ...

mother jones: genetically engineered salmon may be on your menu soon.

the top 12 luddite films.

chronicle of higher ed: from a couple of days ago ... politics and participation.

nytimes: cloning presents serious defects. it isn't so easy, playing god ... a lot of details in the mix.

salon: the education of john mccain. john, take the 'straighttalk express' on the road again. we're waiting for it.

kuro5hin: arkansas committe recommends banning evolution in textbooks. i've said it before, i'll say it again. if you don't believe in natural selection, and believe it's 'wrong' ... you'd best stop taking antibiotics. otherwise you're a first class hypocrite.

give me the jungle, where life and death balance on the edge of a knife. you can stay in the zoo, where you're safe behind bars ... if you wish. what a drag.

i loved the fact that prince took an icon for his name. it constantly threw a monkey wrench into a society where everything must be classified and explicable.

labels. meaning. been thinking a great deal about this lately. why does everything have to be classified, to have a name, a subspecies, a genus? at a museum the other day, i was amazed at how people read the labels first, then look at the painting. weird. as if you can't appreciate the painting without a name. no wonder we see works of art named "untitled #34" and such things. if i ever get to place my artwork up in display, there will be no labels. not even a date. you either like it, or you don't. by the time you've read the label, you've created a story in your mind for that piece. sort of like explaining the punchline of a joke. just look at the piece, dammit. is it good, does it touch something within you? great.

some of our closest friends are on the rocks. what can one say? the best advice i can ever give is that for every relationship, there's a me, a you, and an us. when the 'us' is gone, the relationship is basically over. oh, one or the other can create an artificial 'us' for a while, but at great sacrifice. once you reach a certain point, that person can't sustain the 'us' anymore ... and it falls apart.

real quick:

o'reilly: css rollovers.

nytimes: canine rights. signs of an affluent, and dissipated, society. some homeowner's policies will not insure you if you own one of the 'dangerous' breeds. in court, you'll be on your own.

nytimes: it had to happen. scholarly critique of 'peanuts'. why did snoopy's battles with the red baron coincide with vietnam? was tolkein's mordor synonymous with the third reich?

nytimes: how can education take place in this environment?

webref: whoops, a mistake. heirarchical menus 4.0.7 out.

ibm developer works: linux stability guide. maximize your hardware.

looking at max os linux install, 'three clicks'.

os x officially released today. as per every mac system software rollout, wait and watch macfixit before installing on mission-critical machines. let others do the beta testing.

the register: micron dumps pc business. no wonder they were so hot to sell me an extended warranty on my laptop.

take the other road today. not the well-paved one. that other one.

craft a day to remember.

i'm outta here; at the least for the present.