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mon 26 mar 01

i'm gone for the eve, so this'll be it for the night. see y'all in the morning. oh, and happy birthday, brent!

stardust. long and comprehensive.

les catacombs de paris. in french.

terrorpilot.com. flash. methyl might like this.

how very odd ... 'sex, lies and fairytales.'

cnn: there was a second shooter on the grassy knoll, who shot at kennedy.

nice to see 'battlefield earth' swept the razzies ...

zope: parsed xml 1.0 released.

deskmod, linkfiles ... via geeknews.

phpeverywhere's looking at cacheing today.

nytimes: south pacific.

reason considers televison the 'whipping boy', demonized for violence. i don't agree. children today know more about wrestling moves than they do about english in kindergarten; and it spans all socioeconomic classes. i still remember that kid screaming in a manhattan emergency room, freshly shot by a large-caliber weapon in the upper thigh, saying "sh##, sh##, it's not supposed to hurt this bad ..."

the independent: dancing nuns?!

philly inquirer: steiglitz steps into the spotlight. hey, arts journal, don't knock doylestown till you've been there. b&b north of new hope, and drive around. you'll like it ...

even the wall street journal has trepidation over hailstorm.

fetch 4 is beta 7.

opera gains flash.

the standard: big brother ... no, *procter & gamble* is watching you ...

shorewalker: 'web project management', book review.

making the rounds on the 'net: school shootings and white denial. wired has comments too.

dm tools. mine mysql databases with python.

pythoncookbook. obviously done in zope ... and squishdot?

the register: recession will spur pc price war.

macnn: virgin atlantic adds in-flight 'net.

macnn: now *this* is the kind of thing i like to see ... good old warranty-breaking overlocking of a powerbook g4. yeah.

upside puts mac os x on trial, though mostly a consumer-oriented view. i don't need no stinkin' dvds or mp3s ...

kuro5hin: 'object oriented anywhere, any language' ... myth?

tallahassee democrat: kid closed down isp with warez. later: chris has some clarifications.

clarkconnect turns an old pc into an internet gateway.

*yawn* time to see what the world is up to.