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wed 28 mar 01

cnn: bush won't hold formal news conferences. completely predictable.

meetings, meetings.

more pictures of the taliban and the destroyed buddhas.

abcnews: a book burning in america. i can't even begin to put into words how i feel about this. what's next, the inquisition? via booknotes.

latimes: the fundamental building block of everything is nothing.

publishers weekly: the book-to-movie connection.

feed looks at digital art.

securityfocus: linux 2.2 kernel security vulnerability.

i have to laugh at all the official "yes, we'll support mac os x" announcements. yeah, i know they're necessary, but every new system rollout, i can't help visualizing a louis the xiv-style ball, where all the guests are announced one couple at a time ... and make their way down the long staircase. just enough time for some platitudes and marketing propaganda. as if there were any doubt the major vendors would show up ...

motley fool: eleven rules to starting your own business.

powerlogix upgrade cards support os x. well, some. it's not clear if mine is in the bunch.

zope: building zope on mac os x, updated.

webref: review of 'beginning xhtml' from wrox.

mysql has a file overwrite vulnerability.

the register: ms proprietary tech undermines hailstorm.

pytrex. 'tree regular expressions for xml' in python.

now, to await the callback from the accountant to make sure it's *really true* ...