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fri 30 mar 01

i've got more, much more. and it shames me. one cannot doubt worse is going on as we speak, all over the world. corporations are machines, they do not respond as a human does. there is no conscience, no guilt, no remorse. the federal government must control the behemoths, the world must also address their influence. controlling pesticides and chemicals in america means nothing today; we're getting grapes from chile, cotton from asia -- a million products from a million places. the industrialized world is feeding off its young; time to forcefully and decisively redirect.

remember amchitka island, alaska? what, you don't remember that three large underground nuclear tests were performed ... and are leaking radiation to this day?

ever hear of gerstle river in alaska? how do nerve gas releases five miles from town sound to you?

bush and barrick; the best democracy money can buy. bush helps barrick buy $10,000 worth of land, valued at $10 billion in gold ore. and who joined the company ...?

we also have to phase out methyl bromide; with all this 'fast track' trade talk, i doubt this'll be addressed by the bush administration.

arsenic isn't only in your water; it's used in pressure-treated wood. don't let your kid chew on the stuff. interesting that it used to be a pesticide and dessicant. i wonder how many foreign countries (could it be south america?) still use arsenic in cotton ... *where* did your jeans come from? hmmmm?

how 'bout chevron in california?

bp amoco [arco] dumped tons of waste into pits on an alaskan island. if you read between the lines, the fines are cheaper than hazmat disposal.

fill up at shell stations? ever hear of ken saro-wiwa?

the profits of genocide. big oil makes money the good old fashioned way.

well, i now own a digital camera. no more excuses. got the kodak 4800; i know, i know. it's not a nikon. i'm saving the big bucks for the 6 megapixel dealy-bops to debut. this'll do for now. sam's club had it for 479, including a 64 mb card and an extra rechargeable battery. couldn't pass it up. it's charging right now ... [four hours ... *twiddle* *twiddle*]

webmonkey: avantgo graphics with php.

zope 2.3.1 final released.

the top ten pompous insults.

nytimes op-ed: kyoto. an interesting concept tickles the back of my brain; the european union will now eclipse the united states as world economic power. time for them to slough off the old wwII ties, and begin to lead ...

speaking of which, it's time to fax your senators and representatives to get campaign finance reform passed. do it this weekend; the vote's on monday. you know where to find the info. it's way past time to be heard ... even if your congressperson is pro-reform, send it anyway. they need to hear it.

the independent: bush, polluter of the free world. not just pollution; a ringing critique of his first two months. personally, i'm waiting for the first international leader to walk away from a meeting, and publicly denounce our president.

salon: princeton lindbergh papers released. before crucifying lindbergh for being a nazi, wonder at the hughes h-1, from 1935 ... and how much of it's technology got incorporated later into the japanese zero and focke-wulfe 190. wooden wings, even.

nytimes: rail trail by bike in new jersey.

telegraph: an old arthur conan doyle short story reaches the public today.

guardian: gore vidal on censorship in the u.s. a payload of dynamite, this.

latimes: music artists waking up to their raw deal.

mac: opera 5tp2.

zope: cmf 1.0.

xmlhack: word 2000 to xsl-fo converter.

webreview: reviewing xml instance.

slashdot: security flaw in versions of internet explorer. check this one out.

unix review: open-source licensing.

the register shares with us some 'random email' ...

phpbuilder: the web of services using xml-rpc.

troubleshooters.com: the windows to linux conversion.

kuro5hin: 24 hours with mac os x.

geeknews: might be go open source?

still feel like trash, but aware enough to work. a bundle of aches and pains.