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april one, two thousand and one.

this isn't supposed to happen yet. we've got another forest fire ... in ruidoso. 'the musketball fire' ... it's consumed 100 acres so far, but wind's cooperating tonight. they'll have more firefighters and slurry bombers tomorrow. with all the snow and rain, one would assume this one'll be out soon.

the usability thought police have gotten to me. "you have no chance to survive make your time".

the reality of the internet environment ... the ridiculously slow access, the unpredictable nature of color rendering, and the utter uselessness of flash, gifs and jpegs ... long black and white columns are the best method of information dissemination.

accessing this page will cost you. among other things, you will be charged for: power used to boot up and run the weblog computer, power used for duration of time accessing the host, a percentage of overhead for the cost of hardware and software at both weblogger and host locations. the amount of material worn off the posterior of the author as he composes this weblog is being monitored by laser technology, and will be a line item in the bill. the cost of ongoing usability therapy for the author is really a very small percentage of the total amount.