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mon 02 apr 01

having a digital camera is a bleedin' blast, y'know. beginning to see in new and different ways already ... though i'm always a sucker for a good sunset.

mozilla 0.8.1's very stable on win2k here in the office. very nice. still not stable on my mac, however.

well, now, this is somewhat funny. they closed the ruidoso ski area for the 'musketball fire.' snow on the ground, and still a fire threat? the canopy could catch, i guess. anyway, it's 100% contained, according to tv news. about 100 acres burned.

lo9ic. flash.


ullman mouse. prevent rsi.

CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM IS PASSED. hallelujah. still a long way to go, however.

guardian: bush guide to the rest of the world. flash. oh, and do you know your bushisms?

lots of goodies over at chezmark today (mac).

wired: are you really gone? certifying death. what's this penchant for hot pokers? scalding the tongue used to be a supposed 'cure' for stuttering ...

congrats to the folks at xplane, for version 3.0!

cnn: bush demands. i'm very curious. how many countries have spy planes dicing with *our* international airspace? any?


the art newspaper: afghan exports.

sequenza: freshening classical music.

cute ftp pro 1.0. site says beta, wintracker says release. go figure.

zdnet: gnome 1.4. warning: one of those awful huge ads. zdnet gets deprecated now for links here ...

whoa! quantum dumps their entire hard drive operations onto maxtor.

the standard: the economic fog. cue the music ... "i'm a trend-watcher" ...

xmlhack looks at redfoot. also, rdf interest group gets an irc channel.

the register: duron-ron-ron.

3/30: o'reilly reviews sxsw.

charlotte business journal: the economic downturn is good. "our competitors, who were being funded by these venture capitalists because of the vision, would give away the very same services. it was very difficult for us to expand our business to become more profitable."

linuxplanet: googlizer.

kuro5hin is exploring scientific theory, in order to get all readers on the same page ...

geeknews: real commercials coming to a website near you.

phplinks ... your own search portal in php. later: chris has a comment ...

megapixel.net, april edition.

a little late this morn; i'll get some momentum going in a minute.