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tue 03 apr 01

buy mo... no, i can't say it. visit the bovine bazaar.

reuters: bush wants to drill the arctic for oil, when we've got an overage of natural gas *right now*?!! a texas longhorn in a china shop ... (groan) ...

santa fe new mexican: we have the dubious distinction of having the country's most expensive potholes.

chronicle of higher ed: volcanology is risky business.

the guardian: the great divide. if you read nothing else here today, read this. "... to bad to be true."

okay chris, here's a *big* sunset for you ... though my hand-stitching isn't so hot. oh, and i got a slow-motion daffy before it ran away ...

cnn: san diego council bans the word 'minority'. equal time! equal time! now that caucs are a minority, why the tender sensibilities? gonna arrest someone in the majority for using *that* word? puh-leeeez.

zope: zeo released for zope 2.3.1.

can't seem to reach etp.com or weblogs.com sites but intermittently. [cancel, view source, read.] and the hourly weblogs.com aggregator seems to not work at all ...

great stuff at metascene ... 'hemingway lacked "courage" ...'

linus torvalds on kernel development.

geeknews: phpnuke 5 beta. if you've got the server space to spare, go on over and help debug it.

dpreview: fuji finepix 6800z. '6 megapixel.' nice, but needs a much better lens ...

time: is it any wonder the chinese are sore? every once in a while, the mainstream press comes through with some good old down-home commonsense reporting. exactly my sentiments.thanks, booknotes.

nytimes: fashion week in paris. ah, france.

nytimes: manufacturers falling short in labelling ingredients. if you're an allergic individual, this is important.

nytimes: negative gravity tacitly confirmed by photos.

reuters: an evil stepmother.

reuters: tomb of pharaoh's wife discovered at oasis.

cnn: sun sets off huge flare. watch the skies tonight ... more aurora action, maybe.

uh-oh. it's the beginning of 'spring fever' time again. the clumsies are taking full effect; just dropped and broke not one, but two items. hide your expensive china ...

lingua franca: invitation to a beheading. hmmm. don't underestimate the grandson of jonathan edwards ... many made that mistake.

usnews: high tech, old papyrus.

inside: radio-free virgin. forget madonna.

bbc: two down, one being repaired. chinese buddha restoration.

webref: third item down, 'pullrss', an rss-to-html converter.

freenet. freedom of information, anonymously.

united states pacific command report on the chinese/american inflight incident.

slashdot: the dmca vs. the small developer.

be running out of cash, cuts 25% of workforce. look for dozens more pre-eulogies on the coming deathmarch ... unless they find a generous angel ...

macnn: vicomsoft ftp client moves up a notch. currently my workhorse ftp on mac.

kuro5hin: which graphical email client for linux? one man's search for recommends ...

geeknews: copy protection on hardware ... shot down. or, at least no uniform standard.

freshmeat: psycopg, postgresql/python adapter, with zope adapter as well.

'... and miles to go before i sleep ...' sounds like a theme for today.