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sun 08 apr 01

and ... bought "frank sinatra and the tommy dorsey orchestra, volume 2". don't ask. i'm in one of *those* moods. excuse me, while i cut a rug ...

i also took a great picture of the moon. looks like a black card with a 12 pixel hole in it. i won't bother to post it. go out and howl at it, while you have the chance.

just got back from borders; couldn't find the book i was looking for ... so i picked up "cascading style sheets" from addison-wesley. i'll order the other from amazon.

i need a vacation.

next time, i'll read the reviews before i install. this afternoon has been an exercise in online idiocy.

nope again. stupid. ie 6 and the DOCTYPE. gotta do 'smore tweaking ...

nope. it's not just me. certain bits of css seem to bug ie 6 out. it begins to draw the scrollbars, then craps out and ends the page short of needing to scroll. a forward-back restores the full page. well, it's beta. i think i'll remove it.

just downloaded ie 6 preview ... let's see how it works. stupid. ie6 breaks my design. *sigh.* why do i let myself in for these things? why don't i become a janitor, or something ...?

a new update for pepper. i may spend an afternoon and put all my preferred css codes into the accelerator ... it's easy to do, and will save me loads of time. i'm still using bbedit, but i'm looking seriously at this.

now that being said, things are going to get weird around here for a while. i'll probably begin propagating my new look tonight; however, a server change may be in the mix. if that coincides with my changeover, this site may go to pieces for a short time. don't panic. i'll be back better than ever.

psh-whew. a little adjustment, and it's working again. i wonder why? ah, silicon. you're our modern moody greek gods and goddesses ...

okay, my new design and permalinks routine worked perfectly yesterday. today it's broken. nothing changed. messing with my mind ...

answering that age-old question ... 'do male webloggers vacuum?' ... yes.

okay, enough! time to go play. time to forget circumstances i cannot change ... for a while.

nytimes: evolution vs. 'intelligent design.' looks like 'intelligent design' is trying to downplay the creationist roots, to gain credibility. 'genesis literalism' is shelved, yet the conservative christians still back it. god help us. i think we'll end up with three conflicting theories, all fighting for constituency. later:i asked rick to comment, and he graciously responds.

nytimes: mr. bush's actions are galvanizing protests from moderate-liberal activists. oh, yes. and if the big authoritative groups don't have their organizations prepared, we'll do it ourselves. we won't wait.

i know everyone's playing with os x, but 9.1 is manifesting some regular bugs over here. i keep getting a "-2806" on startup, which requires a reboot with extensions off, then another reboot to start with extensions successfully. sounds like a prefs file might be getting corrupted, or a simple extension conflict. anyone else seen this? also, it seems 'ram disk' gets corrupted from time to time, preventing startup. no emergency. just mentioning it to see if anyone else has had the same situation, and what the remedies were.

zope: browsing and debugging python.

vaults of parnassus: py-xmlrpc, mysqldb.

apache mod for streaming mp3.

the register points to a few hardware review sites; storage, slot a motherboards, etc.

macnn: button builder. one trick pony.

macgimp: running gimp 1.2 under os x.

daemonnews: why i switched to freebsd.

kuro5hin looks at christian and taoist miracles, and the evidence thereof.

vnunet: reverse-engineer c#.

i've even got a bit of sunburn from being out yesterday ... and out again i go, after a bit of the blog ...

yeah, i slept in *again*. so what?