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thu 12 apr 01

consider it 'spring cleaning.' see you in the morning.

debating what to do about the archives ... move to the new design (lotsa work), or leave as is, archiving current entries in the new layout (probably).

quotes, search, and discussion group is offline. you can always email me.

for those of you who have had read/write permissions on dangerousmeta, i've removed them in anticipation of implementing changes (not you, scott b.). once i get things back to normal, i'll email you to see if you still want access.

i've watched the stats for three weeks ... my traffic drops significantly when 'survivor' is on the boob tube.

seems like andrea's fallen off the face of the weblogging world. hope she's out having a blast after all the hard work ...

linuxjournal: missed another one. 'why open content matters.'

guardian.uk: was brahms a serial cat slayer, who "transcribed the sounds of their dying moments and callously incorporated them in to his works ..."? lullabye ... and goodnite ...

pecos looks like a zope-ish device in php.

sfnewmexican: editorial on bush budget cuts. cutting cleanup costs at los alamos is a very bad idea. do i have to point to the photos of radioactive waste being stored outside in fiberglass drums under fabric awnings? the federal government made the mess ... they should clean it up. pay for discovery, but please, also pay for *recovery* ...

sfnewmexican: green party downgraded to minor status after lackluster turnout in presidential elections.

cnet: nytimes cutting staff. no ads on cnet this time ...

speaking of which, what's a good telnet client for windows? i've used 'em on the mac, but i need one for my windows laptop ... thanks.

win: html-rename looks like a handy little beast.

cnn: educause takes over .edu from verisign.

chris cothrun, the other day, mentioned that the secret to the new opera release was in the prefs. after fooling around for a few days, i have to say he's right. i've gone from a one-browser guy to a two-browser guy. two *simultaneous* browsers. if i end up purchasing opera, then i may go single again. but for some reason, my php creations just blaze in opera ...

nytimes: two books look at the king james bible, and the shaping of british and american society.

reuters: make sure, before surgery, that your doctor *isn't* carrying their cell phone ...

in a world where our mass-production practices are swiftly making foodstuffs inedible (mad cow, bovine growth hormone, genetically-modified, pollution), one wonders when the citizens of the world are going to wake up and tell science and industry to go take a hike ...

cnn: mercury risk from eating fish severly underestimated. pregnant women and children, especially should beware. canned tuna only once a month?! it's baaaad. farm-raised fish aren't much better though, because they're using pharmaceuticals to increase size, yield and health. maybe it's time to get that fishing license and head up to taos to go catch fresh trout ...

weekly standard: cowboy poetry.

ny observer: the met is expanding, and the neighbors aren't going to like it. reminds me of the controversies near airports. condos, townhouses, communities get built near runways. eventually, the airport has to grow, or accept jets. 'oh, no!' yes, but who was there first?

washington post: another o'keeffe controversy. a friend of mine recently made the comment, "if it's so hard to tell her work from an amateur, then what's so great about her stuff?" i tried to answer ... but explaining art is like explaining a joke. the punch line is lost ...

mac: hard disk toolkit moves to 4.5. the first thing that happens to every one of my hard drives ...

the register: open source be os clone.

xmlhack: for some reason, i overlooked this the other day. xslt 1.1 dumped, working towards 2.0.

webref: embedding sound with flash.

slashdot review of 'the art of the matrix.'

linuxmag: distributed authentication for linux.

canoe: microsoft aims to supplant mp3. smaller file, better sound. but at what price ...?

linuxplanet: linux, a pc ... and a modem. how-to.

kuro5hin looks at the animal rights extremes in the u.k.

usbworkshop: 32 meg floppy.

freshmeat: relativelayers, a javascript library for creating dynamic designs.

dangit, it's coldish, partly cloudy ... but that doesn't matter. i still don't want to work today ...