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sat 14 apr 01

just came back from a nice dinner. i've found a nice bit of zope goodness to replace that clumsy javascript redirect. it should work fairly spectacularly ... when i have time to implement it. patience, please.

happy easter ... a friend sent me to jibjab.com. do the dubya! karl, you just have to check out "mutha fo'fathers" ... click on ben franklin and get jiggy. oh, and don't click the dog ...

don't tell me. i know what i need to do about my redirect. it's too nice out to sit at the computer and fix it right now. maybe tonight.

just filled up and turned on our fountain for the first time. it actually works! it's one of those five foot high, multiple tier deals. i'll take a picture and post it later. just enough dripping to block out the distant traffic noise. nice! previous owners never sanded off the part numbers (piece #1, piece #2, etc. etc.). after we run it today, i'll go to work with the sandpaper.

well, now, it's obvious that redirect puts the hose to my site stats. gotta think of something creative there; i don't want to slow down the redirect at all. maybe i just live with 'reduced stats' ... gotta think about it.

freshfroot. flash, slow, very nice.

slate/msn: der fuhrer's bunker.

chicago tribune: world war one munitions depot danger in france.

validating cgi forms with perl.

zope: fscounter and fsperlcounter.

wired: teaching kids about hacking.

webreview: secure your database.

linuxprogramming: python 2.1 release candidate.

linuxprogramming: postgresql 7.1.

dpreview: four imaging technique articles.

happy easter weekend! sunny, warm, beautiful. gone for the morning; took a friend and her husband out for her birthday. drove down to 'celebrations' on canyon road, had a hearty breakfast, and did some gallery-hopping. now i'm considering whether to just sit in the sun, begin washing down my various bicycles, or just go for a hike.