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mon 16 apr 01

hey, jeremy and irights gets a plug in the globe and mail ... congrats.

versiontracker: graphicconverter's up to 4.07.

dpreview: infrared with your digital camera.

i see cnet (uck.) picked up the trellix/blogger story, and even mentioned userland!

as it gets warmer and warmer, it's getting harder and harder to find a reason to weblog. why talk about things, when you can go find adventure?

any zopatistas reading here today? i've been trying to replace this clumsy javascript redirect with a nice piece of dtml, using http_user_agent, via this recommendation ... but it continues to throw zope errors. i've tried at least two dozen different permutations, some half-work, some don't. any ideas? i'm testing for icab, netscape >=5, netscape < 5, and everything else. (at least, for right now). fire me an 'e' (my name in the right column).

congratulations, hal and audrey! 'one in the oven' ...

nytimes: artists share their files, and lives, on the web.

nytimes: in west texas, water is more valuable than oil.

cnn: strange bedfellows. torricelli makes it sound like you don't know whose back you have to scratch until *after* the election ...

lingua franca: concert hall design. without completely duplicating factors (audience, clothing, humidity, etc.), predicting acoustical quality can be as difficult as predicting weather.

chronicle of higher ed: "university presses are publishing books they should be turning down." yes, that's a problem. but it's not the root. universities' boards of directors want their presses *turning a significant profit* ... which is why the princeton university press has dumped their onstaff editors and begun hiring freelancers. in essence, the university presses are losing quality, increasing quantity.

the times uk: michaelangelo's rome. hidden, in plain view.

i have to ask. is anyone else totally creeped out by the bob dole cameo in the britney spears pepsi commercial?

mac: i keep meaning to download and use winebook, but i never remember. now that i've put the link here, i will ...

slashdot: trellix licenses blogger. nytimes has an article as well.

freeos: use lvm to manage disk space.

open magazine: building high speed servers.

nandotimes: they probably caused the aurelian wall collapse by *removing* the weeds ...

macnn: mac ssh 2.1b2.

linuxplanet: nusphere mysql, review.

kuro5hin: also, an interesting discussion of "children's myths." it's interesting to me in many ways, but if you look at the home page of kuro5hin, in one article they don't know how to feel about the 'myth' of chief illinewek, but know exactly what children 'should' believe.

kuro5hin: rebol/view 1.0.

yahoo/hongkong: russia creates artificial brain.

xlabs php engine.

good morning. no posting yesterday ... it was a day of complete activity. and my muscles are letting me know it every second of this day ...